The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 2

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me — two candle parties…

Annnd that was a few candle parties too many.

MB’s office mate, Dr. Tim Brewer’s wife sells candles for Party Lite.

there’s DrTB now with their son who  tricks people into buying candles

 Partylite is like Tupperware or Mary Kay where a consultant sells the candles and other pricey home decor to eager women in a collegial atmosphere.  Whatever.  So at the first candle party MB “won” us hosting our own candle party.

Needless to say I was horrified.  Mostly because 1. My friends, who would attend said candle party, are not really in the expensive home decor demographic  and 2. The party was scheduled for the Saturday after I returned from a week of training.  I was so wildly overwhelmed.  But the candle party came and with the help of Msheed, the party part was pulled off quite nicely.

There was

Festively decorated gingerbread men,

White chocolate covered pretzels,

Hot dogs wrapped in bacon baked with brown sugar and,

Peppermint bark!  {recipe forthcoming!}

The candle part of the party was a bit of a flop.  The girls that “won” more parties declined and no one bought anything.

I felt awful for Mrs. Dr. Tim Brewer but she claimed not to mind.  And with that the holiday parties hosted at la casa de Wife & Blog are officially closed for business.

Have you been the host of such a party?  How did it go?

and 1 week of self ex-POR-AY-shun!


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