MB’s Christmas Gift

Part of the joy of being married to yours truly is getting to eat Mexican food at least three times a week.  Couple that with her bestie, MSheed’s love of Mexican and a spouse of LNRB will be privy to Mexican fare probably 5-6 times a week.  Unfortunately for MB, Mexican food so regularly is not really high on his love of life lists, especially at the establishments that we absolutely adore.  So in keeping with Christmas traditions of selflessness and giving, Msheed and I WILDLY and GRACIOUSLY allowed MB one dinner at the restaurant of his choice that was NOT Mexican.  He chose PF Changs.

Yes blurry cam!

I met Msheed and MB at the PF Changs in Arlington and we dug in for some delicious food.  Including chicken lettuce wraps, salt and pepper prawns, orange peel chicken and General Tsos.

That’s on happy Xmas boy!

Afterward, MB claimed that he was too full to eat dessert.  So he wussed out and got the tiniest dessert on record.  Msheed and I manned up to the Great Wall of Chocolate

Worry not, MB helped us eat some of the delectable chocolate cake.  As a result of all these delicious xmas foods, I gained 3 lbs.  No kidding.  It was so worth it.  I love it when MB is happy and Msheed and I never turn down PF Changs.  Ever.

As a side note, we sat next to these two older people {and by older I mean like 40s, no offense, OK?} who were on a blind first date.  The woman arrived, looking like she was auditioning for the real housewives of Orange County {fit with her weather-inappropriate jersey knit strapless dress without tights and open toed sandals — oh and fake tan} and immediately got on her Blackberry telling everyone she talked to {we think at least 3 different phone conversations} that she was on her first date in 20 years.  Um awkward.  Then she made the poor, sweet waitress in training get on the phone with one of her friends and confirm that she was in fact on a date and looking fierce.  We were HORRIFIED.  The horror only continued when the dater arrived flailing into PF Changs LATE screaming and yelling about how he was late.  Then they weirdly shook hands and both got on their Blackberries.  THEN  the lady got BACK on the phone with the friend who chatted with the waitress and made her DATER confirm to the friend that they were on a date.  THEN the lady got up to go to the bathroom and the dater KEPT TALKING ON THE PHONE TO THE FRIEND.  So awkward.  We left shaking our heads.  Thank goodness we are all normal.

Do you celebrate the holidays in multiple ways, like yummy meals out?  Have you ever born witness to an awkward first/blind date?  Let’s hear about it!


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