Friday brought the first major snow of the season.  For that reason the entire state of Virginia shuts down, forcing MB and I not to leave our condo.  Well, good thing we just forced our neighbors into being our friends.  We invited ourselves down stairs to play rockband and drink copious amounts of wine.

This is our band.  Don’t be jealous

Me, S +J and MB ROCKED.

Paramore is probably going to call me to be in their band.  S was so horrified that we busted in our their party.

Get used to it buddy!  We’re here to stay!!  Especially since MB reallllyyyy liked that guitar.  AND they made the mistake of allowing him to create an avatar.

Sweet!  Kanga is of course invited.  He got a new hat!

Lucky for you the fun didn’t stop there.

Are you snowed in this weekend?  What are you up to?


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