Holiday Week

Now that we’ve officially dug out of our condo and one of us is back at work, this week will be sort of light in terms of content.  My brain is MUSHY and I’m gearing up for a year in review, which is short in going to be epic.  But you’ll have to wait.  Sorry.

In the meantime, I’m going to take you on a short tour this week of some of my favorite internet friends.  Most of them I don’t know and they don’t know I stalk read their entries.  But I do.  And I lurve them.

Readers, please meet Erin of Just One Week.

From Erin on her blogging experience

And so I am making a list of the habits I want to add or subtract from my life – and I am going to decide once and for all if I’m going to adopt these new habits. Each habit I will try for one week. If I like it, if having that habit makes me happy, then I’ll keep it. But if I do something every day for a week, and it adds more stress to my life than happiness, I’m dropping it – and I’m dropping the guilt. source

Erin came out, guns blazing and found her very smart voice immediately.  I’ve enjoyed following her around as she begins to make peace with breaking and creating habits and has begun to explore the possibility of lady blogging {about Xmas gifts, a series I rather enjoyed}.  I hope that Erin knows, from one blogger to another, that I think she’s doing really great and that setting goals, any type, and writing about them takes some MAJOR guts.  I’m excited to hear what 2010 will bring for Just One Week.

Who do you online love?  Let’s hear it, por favor.


One thought on “Holiday Week

  1. Thank you! This is incredibly flattering and very appreciated 🙂 I’m really looking forward to blogging in 2010 and finding my voice and seeing the direction the blog takes. I look forward to continuing our blogger friendship and really, really appreciate the support! xoxo

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