So, How’s Married Life?

The very LNRB-MB Multistate Christmas extravaganza was a huge success.  We garnered some AMAZING gifts, ate some deliciously tasty food and drove over 1,000 miles.  Whatever.  Telling you about the celebration from opening our own gifts round our fakey christmas tree to landing back in NOVA to the sound of Mexican music in our ears will take about 78 years.  While I gear up for that and thaw out {it is COLD EVERYWHERE} I have to address the question that followed us around this holiday season, So, How’s Married Life?

I mean, it’s fine, right?  What are you looking for me to say?

It’s awful.  This was really a horrible decision.  Thanks for bringing it to my attention.  I’m outtro.

It’s AMAZING {lie}!!!  I’m so surprised with how happy we are constantly {lie}!!!  Everyone should get married {lie}!!!

It’s fine.  Smile.  Poke MB.  Smile.

It’s such a bizarre question.  I recognized the bizarrity of it even before I was married.  Quite often I found myself asking married {or sometimes engaged} friends, “Are you still engaged/married?” — a simple yes no answer OR  “How is your fiance/husband?”.  Sometimes I would ask how the wedding planning was going {in my brother’s case for instance as his fiance and he are often together when I address them} but I rarely ask how the state of the union is.  It seems too probing.

What if it really ISN’T what they thought it was going to be?  What if they don’t feel different at all?  What if they just had a major fight because he shrunk her favorite/only jeans two whole sizes right before they started packed for the holiday vacation?  What then?

I don’t hold it against anyone, really.  A lot of people who ask are peeps that haven’t SEEN us since the wedding {sad} and don’t read the blog {lame} so I usually, hyperbolicly, answer with one of the three strings of canned answers above.  Most times, the questioner gets the idea.

So, how is married life? JK!  Do you get questions like these were you totally understand the logic behind it but can’t get the right answer?


2 thoughts on “So, How’s Married Life?

  1. I always say “It’s great!” (because it is) and then I do a fake elbow nudge and say, “Tom told me to say that.” Truthfulness and humor, badda-bing.

  2. I have written about the exact same topic. I know that it’s only asked by well meaning friends and relatives who want to seem interested in my life, but c’mon, the only answer they want to hear is, “It’s really great!” I find it’s best to go with that because when I’ve tried sarcasm or brutal honesty, it was met with frowns and furrowed brows.

    I do like the response in the comment above mine. Funny AND clever!

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