Snowed In and Digging Out for a Party

Sunday after the epic snow storm brought warmer temperatures and clear and sunny skies.  S+J took to the front yard to construct for us MB the snowman.

While MB and I eagerly anticipated the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Best Man!  Hooray!

Mr. Best Man is going to be Dr. Best Man circa May 2010 {holler}.  After the goofy hat and gown, he’ll be residencing at a hospital.  To pick said hospital, he has to go on tons of interviews and make nice with the programs.  The weekend of Mrs. Best Man’s bday, he was making nice at Gtown.  Wouldn’t that be glorious?!  The 4 of us {plus our other fantastically awesome friends} romping around DC proper going on adventures and eating lots of tasty foods?

I digress.

We celebrated Mrs. Best Man in STYLE at the Lighthorse in Old Town, right on King Street.

mmmmm bubbles and chocolate cake

The Lighthorse NEVER disappoints.  The comfort food restaurant has a full menu of gourmet grilled cheeses, tasty soups and Mac&Cheese that will send your cardiologist headed for the hills.

MB and I were super grateful that we got to spend some pre-holiday, birthday time with one of our favorite families and besties {Msheed, duh}

MB and MrBM are REALLY REALLY in love.  Like accidental matching scarf in love.

Msheeeeeed!  We had to pick her up and drive her around due to the snow.  I would pretty much pick her up and drive her anywhere.

Ohhhh first bday as H+W!!!

Hooray!  And the next day, we didn’t even have to go to work cause of the snow.  It was amazing!

Where do you like to celebrate birthdays with friends? 


One thought on “Snowed In and Digging Out for a Party

  1. new to your blog; just saying hello 🙂

    im a little sad that i didnt get to play in the snow. i was trapped in my house most of sunday, and then away for a week. i really want to throw a snowball at someone :p

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