On Mrs. Best Man

This weekend, like last year, Mr and Mrs Best Man will be on hand to celebrate a brand new  year with us.  We are pumped.  I was thinking the other day about how excited I was that they would be here and how the LNR of about 3-4 years ago would be shocked that such excitement existed over the impending visit.  Full disclosure:  Mrs Best Man and I have not always been BFF.

Shocking right {especially judging from my SUPER EXCITED face in that picture.  I look like I’m going to eat her.  Terrifying}

Here’s the deal…

When I met Mrs. BM, I was in the serious throes of being the worst possible person imaginable.  Hungry, drunk and mean as can be, MB was excited to introduce me to his BFFs new GF.  I didn’t have a lot of time for new people, especially new people who were dating people who were skeptical of my sanity and stability {Oh Mr. Best Man…always the sage} and the first meeting was thwarted by my own bad attitude and nuttiness.

Subsequent meetings were also less than enthusiastic.  On my part because well, I’m an enormous brat.  And on her part because I was getting ruder and ruder, not only to her but to MB, for whom she has always cared for a great deal.  Finally, I decided that I disliked everyone I didn’t expressly choose for myself and I curtly asked MB to keep me away from anyone but my friends.  He begrudgingly obliged.

After leaving Pittsburgh and growing up substantially and finally having MB back in my life for good, it became apparent, especially after Mr & Mrs Best Man’s engagement, that I needed to make up for all that lost time and bad behavior.  It was a long time coming, but I got my reprieve on New Years Eve 2008 where Mrs. BM and I bonded over everything — from weddings, to working and being the perfect almost wife, to baking, cooking and shopping.  Over the course of 18 hours I learned that Mrs BM and I had more than just MB and Mr BM in common.  We had everything in common.  Seriously.  Everything.

From that fateful night I can happily say that I have been able to cultivate one of the most genuine friendships that I know will endure great distances, life moments and joys.  Even without our husbands drawing us together, I feel certain the Mrs. BM and I would have found each other to bestily send fun emails, swap recipes and ogle any and all things from Anthropologie’s spring collection.

BRR — Thank you for the opportunity for friendship via redemption.  You are truly a dear heart and, as I’ve said many times, I’m so thrilled we are friends.  xxx

Has a life change brough about a friendship that you almost ruined {probably not.  You are all so much greater than me}?


3 thoughts on “On Mrs. Best Man

  1. You have too many acronyms….do you covertly work for the CIA or run a terrorist organization via blog?

    “18 hours I learned that Mrs BM and I had more than just MB and Mr BM in common…..”


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