Merry Holidays 09: Part 4 of 67majillion

Ok.  So, we decorated, we have found the pickle, we made a gingerbread house, and had some Christmas Eve dinner, ala the Pioneer Woman.  Then, we saw Eric off to church.

And I had to get started prepping for Christmas morning breakfast!

MB was little help.  It is part of his family’s Christmas tradition that he watches It’s a Wonderful Life.  It’s not such a wonderful life when you have three hours of a movie that is in black and white and terribly over acted.  But that’s just me.

So I started with the breakfast potatoes from Pdub.  I’m so glad I did this the night before — you have to bake them for up to an hour and half and you know that means super early if you do it the morning of.

Yum, right.  Then I started prepping for our baked French Toast!  This was a recipe from the recipe book that was given to me by MIL at my  surprise shower in Reading.  This was a family recipe from GMK’s familia.  Please do enjoy:

Baked French Toast | serves up to 10

1 loaf bread
8 0z cream cheese
1/4c maple syrup
10 eggs
1.5 c half and half
8 tbsp melted butter

1.  The night before you’re going to serve this bad boy — Cut bread and layer half of them in a 13 x 9 pan {Make sure to PAM that pan first or you’re going to have some major Christmas morning stickage.}

2.  Cut the cream cheese into small pieces and scatter it across the bread.  Cover with the remaining bread cubes

See that cream cheese in there?  Yummy!

3.  Mix the eggs, half and half, syrup and melted butter together.  Pour the mixture over the bread cubes.  Press the bread cubes down to absorb the mixture.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.

4.  In the morning bake at 350 degrees for 40-50 minutes.  Sprinkle the top with powdered sugar.  Serve with syrup or jam.

Nom!!  Do enjoy!  As we did!

Do you have a big breakfast on Christmas morning?


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