Merry Holidays 09: Part 5 of Sixty

We {and by we I mean me} woke up early on Christmas morning to start making breakfast.  I did all of the cooking that weekend to help out.  My mom really kills herself in the kitchen when are all together, especially for holidays.  So I volunteered.  As you know I made the calzones, and the baked french toast that I popped in the oven to get cooking.  In addition to the french toast on Christmas morning, we also had some of the Pioneer Woman’s breakfast bowls!

Super easy and delicious, these are a mixture of sausage, eggs, bacon, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and cheese.

You layer it up in oven proof bowls,

And pour a scrambled egg mixture over top and bake!

Nom!  So tasty and filling!

After breakfast we opened our presents.  I got a sexy new cannon power shot.  And A CRICUT!  Hooray!

The family fun wasn’t the over then, though.  No way.  After a day of relaxation and fun with our family we packed up and headed to Reading.

Did you have more than one Christmas?

Also this Christmas: Decorating, Pickle Finding and Gingerbread house making.


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