Life Map

Before the holidays, I was really antsy about the direction of my life and the life I live with MB.  I didn’t have a clear direction of what was going to happen, and most horribly, when, so I took out my felt tipped pen, and did what I know how to do best.  I mapped it out.

Now before you go getting yourself in a funk, let me disclaim my catrographic endeavor:  I know you really can’t map out life.  And I know that even mapping it out invites all sorts of catastrophe {good and bad} to mess up the plan. 

That said, I couldn’t help myself.  I knew that having a visual would  help ease the tension I was feeling about the future.  It really did help.  And since drafting the map, the plans have, predictably, changed.

Let’s dissect, shall we?

Most of the things coming up I’ve known about for a while, my internship ending, MB graduating from his PhD program, my brother and FSIL getting married.  But there are somethings that I knew we HAD to put on our plan or they would always seem nebulous which, in my opinion, the worst.  Nebulous but important activities are, beginning to save for a car/home, get MB a new job, break our current lease and have baby.  Once I had put the pen to the paper and really figured out a sketchy timeline for these things to happen, I immediately felt better.

And then our plans immediately changed.  MB went from having one singular option for post-graduate endeavors to two very different, divergent options that could take us very far away from the tiny course I have mapped out for us.  A divergence that could last up to two years.  Normally I would have thrown a fit about my loose planning being put on hold as we await the results of exams, applications and inquiries, but this time, I’m thrilled.  It’s really super exciting what MB has in the works {either one, truly} and I’m so pleased to be putting my very loose life plan on hold, for now.

Do you make life plans, or any plans like this?  How do you deal in the face of uncertainty.



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