TMI Thursday: I’m So Creepy

Today is Thursday.  I’ve missed a few TMIs because of  you know, Jesus being born.  Santa coming.  The New Year being rung, etc.  So here it is.

I am the creepiest person you know.  Don’t believe me?

By virtue of my current position in life, I spend a lot of time on the internets.  As a direct result I read a lot of blogs, do a lot of Facebooking and tweeting, and ton more google searches.  Because of all this internet poking around I have developed unreal relationships with people, most of whom I do not know.

The Pioneer Woman, one of my first internet crushes, if you will, was believed to be an actual acquaintance of mine by many because of the frequency with which I referenced her in my daily life.  That Wife?  MB was convinced that she and I worked/went to school together.  I talk about her by first name to him, probably once a day.  Disgruntled Julie and none other than LivitLuvit have the extreme misfortune of LIVING IN THE DISTRICT.  I email, twitter and blog harass them about maybe hanging out on the regular.  It is horrifying.

The creepiness doesn’t stop there.  Once acquainted with me in  HS?  Don’t worry, I will google search your name for hours if I feel like.  Recently engaged?  Yep, I definitely went to the knot AND my weddings searching for your wedding webpage.  Oh…you’re MARRIED now?!  Well, don’t worry, I will google search “You & New Husband Last Name”, “You + New Husband”, “You + New Husband Last Name”, “You and New Husband”….etc looking ENDLESSLY for your photographer to post on their blog, photos of your day.

And facebook…I don’t even want to talk about it.

I know that all women stalk.  Please.  I know this.  But I have it perfected to an art.  A creepy one.

Do you internet harass/stalk?  Let’s hear it.


16 thoughts on “TMI Thursday: I’m So Creepy

  1. Hahaha. Too funny. I always refer to blog friends as blog friends, but my husband thinks it’s stupid that I can consider someone I’ve never actually met to be a friend.

    Any time you want to get together, let me know. 🙂

  2. Answer: Yes
    Why: No clue. There could be a endless amount of reasons why I/you/everyone at some point turns into a bit of an obsessive internet stalker. Mine are normally concentrated on bad exs or ex loves of my now-husband – not my proudest admission. Could be sheer boredom, a low point, or a need for some laughs…

    • My LOVE of PS was going to be my TMI thursday POST! But then I quickly realized it isn’t as shameful as I think 🙂 WHEW!

      • No, shameful is getting testy eyed over some of those secrets.

        I’ve totally done the registry thing on the knot to see who was married. When I found my college boyfriend’s name there one day, I was heartbroken. We’d been broken up for 3 years at that point by the by. Thank god for FB. Takes all the hard work out of stalking.

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  4. Oh man, I am a TOTAL Internet stalker. I will go on someone’s facebook, read all their comments, see if I can read the comments they have wrote on other people’s walls . . . read their information, google them to see if I can find out anything else.

    And that can be someone I only knew for about two minutes in high school.

    If it’s someone I actually GIVE a shit about . . . then we’re heading into psycho territory…

  5. So now would probably be the appropriate time to make you aware of the fact that I’ve recently started reading your blog! It was great seeing you the day after Christmas! 🙂 -Kim (one of MB’s friends from elementary school on up)

  6. i am a total stalker. i once helped catch a secret service top 10 most wanted fugitive through internet research. But i spend more energy on looking up what my ex’s wives look like.

  7. Hahah! So honest! The world is a bit less stalked as I’ve been so incredibly busy lately. It would be weird to read blogs while on interviews! My husband also just found out that Jenna isn’t a real-life friend.

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