Merry Holidays 09: Finale

The day after Christmas we packed the car.

Said goodbye

And hightailed it to the other end of the state for Christmas numero dos.

Where copious amounts of food awaited us.

MB’s {and my wonderful new!} family

And gifts galore.

MB and I were the winners of the day.  Our Eastern PA family gifted us a NEW VACUUM luggage and specifically for MB a new Cannon Rebel dSLR.

We got to spend time with MB’s parents.

And sister

And we ate at one of Reading MANY breakfast diners.

This one is a particular Bailey family favorite.

We also had the express pleasure of joining Dr. S for a Chanukkah celebration!  My first ever Jewish holiday fete!

I’m not going to lie.  We were pretty pleased with ourselves.  Especially because this involved a significant amount of hangout with Dr. S and Miss K, both high schools loves of MB and of course, me.

O.M.G.  Our holiday was a whirlwind.  Seriously.  I’ve never ridden in the car or eaten THAT MUCH.  We learned pretty quickly that in theory its a good idea to do both families in one weekend…but when they live 4 + hours apart and you can’t stop at the homestead in between it ends in a lot of dirty clothes and a lot of leaving gifts behind {my vacuum is still at my inlaws…sad}.  Seeing our families, though to celebrate one of the most fun holidays is something you will NEVER hear this girl complain about.

So, what did you do this holiday season?


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