Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Hmmm, I said to myself after dropping off my husband at the airport.  What now?

SOUP!  I responded loudly.

Then I realized there was no reason to shout when you’re the only person home.

Mmmmk, shall we?

Broccoli Cheddar soup from Zoe, my new favo foodie.

Instead of the typical cream base for this tasty zoupe, Zoe suggests using the potato base to save on some kcals, which I’m into.

I cooked the potatoes and garlic all together.  It smelled quite yummy.

Add the broth

Bring to a boil and then add the broccoli

Bring it back to a boil, reduce heat and simmer to cook the taters and broccoli.

Now, Zoe suggests using an immersion blender which I don’t have.  So I transferred soup to the food processor in two batches.  I would recommend doing 4 equal batches of broth and veggies.  I think my lack of attention to this detail messed with the consistency.

After it’s all chopped, add the cheese and viola!

And despite my face

I liked it.  It was just super hot.  I wasn’t wild about the consistency.  And I mentioned how to combat that.  I packaged most of it off and sent it over to Mr. and Mrs. New Baby.  They claimed to like it.   Notice that Zoe’s didn’t look so green?  I think I got the ratio of broccoli to taters wrong, but whatevs.  I’ll try it again when MB arrives home.

Have you ever made soup from scratch?


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