I Miss Him

It should probably go without saying that I really super miss my husband when he’s away.  I’ve particularly missed him this time.

possibly the most unattractive picture of us ever.

When I dropped MB off at the airport LAST Sunday {as in over a week ago} I tried to act like nothing was wrong.  We had bagels.

Einstein’s seriously is the tastiest bagel EVA

Nom!  He’s so cute.

And when he walked through the gate, I cried like he was never coming back.  It was super embarrassing.  People were comforting me like I was sending him to combat — when I was really just sending him to a lab in the Midwest.

It’s startling to me that no matter how long or often we are together saying goodbye is horrifying.  And the time we’ve spent apart {a horrifying 10 days at the end} has been way too much.  Sometimes I think it’s a little creepy that we do EVERYTHING together {we commute to and from work, we have all the same friends, we even go to the grocery store conjoined} I’m so much lonelier without him.  Can I be without him?  Yes.  Do I want to be?  No.

Are you attached at your SO’s hip?  How does that work out for you?


8 thoughts on “I Miss Him

  1. I totally get you. My husband left for two days last month and I was super grumpy and mopey about it. TWO DAYS. Now, when I am the one LEAVING I’m not so sad, but I hate being left by myself. I hate being alone in the house with nobody else there- which is weird because I lived by myself for years and never got lonely. Its just a habit change I guess. However, not to get all super American pride on you, but every time he does leave I always think about the girls in all the blogs I read whose husbands get deployed and I think that they are super brave women because I don’t know if I could stand it.

  2. YES! While I’m not married {yet}, being separated from the one you love, no matter how far the distance, is quite painful. I feel your pain! Let’s console together and cry ourselves into oblivion, yes?? Ok, great. I already do!!!!

    Little A

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  4. In the interest of full disclosure… if I saw you at the airport, mopey because of 10 days, I would probably tweet about it with a giant eyeroll, like I did regarding the girl in tears at the bus station because she was leaving her boyfriend for a week.

    Enjoy your alone time! Eat what you want for dinner, watch what you want on the TV, and read in bed with the light on!

    But then again, I know I am far more used to it than most people, since in our 7 years together, Husband and I have never spent one full consecutive year residing in the same city.

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