A Photo Book

As MB and I {but mostly I} anxiously await the production of our wedding album, I’ve been making a list of other post wedding projects I could work on in the interim, because let’s face it, when that book arrives, I’ll probably spend all day wearing white gloves, leafing through its glorious pages.  Without my goreous scrapbook to start scrapping or the DVD of our images to start blogging, I turned to our rehearsal images, and made our rehearsal dinner album.

So fab!

I used my favorite, online book making tool, Blurb, to put this beauty together.  Blurb is an awesome resource that allows you to download their bookmaking software, Booksmart, {or use Adobe if you are that inclined} and then upload your product, and buy the book! 

Downloading and using Booksmart is super easy.  It involves a lot of dragging and dropping.  You can choose from hundreds of page lay outs as well as book sizes.

Then you just upload your pictures and away you go!

So simple!  Then you choose the page layouts and drag and drop your imported pictures.

Then, when you’re done, you upload the book to Blurb

Choose your paper {I got the premium} and DONE!  Then you purchase and try to wait patiently for it to arrive.

Which I haven’t been doing so well.

I purchased the small square, hardcover imaged wrapped book, which was 24 pages and held approximately 80 images for $39 {shipping included}.  Depending on how in love I am with the product I’ll be buying these for our moms as gifts {I know you read this Jan, so pretend to be surprised, mmmk?}

You can peep the book preview here and check out my take on entire rehearsal evening here.

Have you ever made an online photo book?  Share!


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