27th Year

Soon, I’ll be celebrating the beginning of another of life.  I’m really excited about my next birthday.  After such an amazing 26th year, I was afraid that I would be dreading the next year.  What could possibly beat the best year of my life?

Exactly, nothing.  Or so I thought.

One thing I learned after the wedding and suffering from severe post wedding stress disorder was that one must really make their own happiness, because you won’t always have amazing weddings thrown in your honor, and you won’t always spending 363 days planning for the happiest day of your life.

Which, to most of you was probably a pretty obvious lesson.

But in walking myself through all the obviousness, I realized that having a wedding is sort of like having one big fat goal, and in order to reach the goal of the best day ever, you’ve got to reach little tiny goals {finish invitations!  lose some weight!!  make centerpieces!!!}.  So, in order to have another best year ever {big goal} I’ve made some tiny 27th year goals to help reach my biggest goal!

  • Get more healthy! {this will include, meeting the health goals that I put on my 101 list}
  • Eat out less!  MB and I eat out way too much.  I really want to be cooking more and spending stupid money out less!
  • Track spending.  I say this probably every month but I really mean it!  I’m really going to find a way that works for me to track and really start to do it.

This three doozies will hopefully create more tiny goals to create the biggest goal realized!  BEST YEAR EVER!

Are you having the best year ever?


7 thoughts on “27th Year

  1. Tracking spending is SO HARD. Dan and I always swear we will do it too and just don’t. I think that means we are spending too much money…(that we don’t have). When’s your birthday? Happy Birthday if its soon/today!)

  2. Have you tried mint.com? It’s pretty helpful for tracking your spending. And it’s endorsed by Michael Landon, CPA, so what other info do you need?

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  4. i love the goals! also, i think it’s actually your 28th year. i just did these calculations recently myself and it’s confusing… but think about turning 1. you have already lived a year when you turn 1 and you are starting your 2nd year.

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