Not So Much on Vacation

For any of you loyal {or scrupulous} readers, you may remember me FREAKING out and then demanding to go to Death Valley on Birthday weekend.

I can safely report, I am NOT anywhere near the western coast of this great nation.

I have zero follow through.

Actually, it’s not that I have zero follow through, it’s that I prioritize things very tediously.  unfortunately for me {and for MB} I tediously prioritized paying off some credit cards and helping my brother pay for parts of a wedding above a birthday trip to a national park.  Fortunately for me I feel good about these choices.

So what am I doing instead?

I think that all things have a way of working out, and instead of schlepping to the middle of a desert, I helped at a very special wedding, I volunteered at a hospital, and THEN I got sick.  Which would have been le horrifying on a trip to one of the hottest places in the United States of America.

So birthday weekend was spent on the couch, cancelling fun plans, not being able to breathe.  MB did manage to sneak out for a few pretty gifts for yours truly but otherwise it was lots of recovery.

There was no big trip, no camping, no hiking, no sunsets.  But there was lots of cuddling.  And lots of planning for more follow through in my 27th year.

Did your bday plans get cancelled this year?


4 thoughts on “Not So Much on Vacation

  1. Even though you were sick on your b-day (the worst), I hope it was still a good day. I wish you nothing but happy days all year long!

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