Triumphant Return

As you may or  may not know, I have two little sistas.  They are awesome.  They also are both within driving distance of me right now.  this is a huge colossal deal because for the past 2.75 years, Little A has been in JAPAN.  She returned last weekend and I have the photos and the mexican to prove it.

Little A and Little’s Bff came over to celebrate her Eastern Seaboard tour stop DC in style.  Fit with the margarita glass Mr. and Mrs. Best Man gave us at our stock the bar party.

We ate Mexican lasagna, talked about boys and life and work and boys and life and babies.  It was so great to have her back in my house.  I missed her terribly.


She’s off to California at the end of February, but you can keep up with all her awesomeness here. 

Have you recently be reunited with a long lost love?


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