My Mexican Obssesion

I love Mexican food.  Almost as much as much as I love Sanderson Images, my husband, my familia, Washington DC, my besties and Pittsburgh.  I often force to incorporate all the things I love.  LIke forcing my husband and besties to eat Mexican with us.  As was the case with Mr. and Mrs. B.

Of course, Msheed was there.

I lurve Mr. B.

And he was really feeling Msheed’s BB Storm 2.

The moral of the story.  It is possible to combine all or most of the things you love.  Mexican food and the loves of your life?  They always go together.

It’s going to be a great evening!

What is your favorite food?   And who do you love to eat it with?


4 thoughts on “My Mexican Obssesion

  1. I used to live right next door to Cactus Cantina (in DC). We were there for “dessert” very often – with dessert being a mini pitcher of swirl margarita. Delicious!

  2. Matt said last night that, if he could, he would eat mexican food every day for the rest of his life. he said that he would only marginally miss the occasional bowl of fettuccini alfredo. I replied by asking him if he’d miss my glorious Sunday hummus, to which he replied with a resounding “NO! not really.”

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