TMI Thursday: I Sincerely Thought That Would Work

TMI Thursday is always high on my priority list, but sometimes I can’t share things {to protect the innocent} and or I think of things to share and then promptly forget them when the time comes.

Last week I had the best overshare story ever and then when I went to tell all of you, I seriously FORGOT.  Le sigh.  But THANK GOD someone {Medwards of all people} reminded me of it at Last Day of Work Happy Hour for Msheed and here we are.

I am an idiot.

When I was getting into the groove of living and working in the greater DC metro area, and MB and I were in a long distance and monogamous relationship, it occurred to me that I had no male friends.  My new job was no help either, as the only males were my old as my dad boss and Barry who, quite frankly, thought I was the worst of the worst, but tolerated me because I’m pretty sure he found me quasi amusing.  I digress.

It’s really not that I had ever had a gaggle of male friends following me around, but after law school {where I had made a few male besties and was at least AROUND men} and having a boyfriend who was in a fraternity, it was glaringly obvious how few men were in my life.  And JG and Barry were NOT cutting it.  So I did what every self respecting 24 year old woman in search of platonic male friends would do.  I posted an ad on Craigs List.

The posting was innocent enough.  I posted it in the platonic friends section, stating I was SOLELY looking for some male friends to hang out with, that I had a boyfriend I loved and that I was really anxious to make a new friend.

The response was overwhelming.

Overwhelming in that every picture I received attached to the responses contained pictures of heehaws and solicitations for NSFW activities.  TOTALLY INAPPROPRITAE.

When I shared this with Barry, as we shared an office, I thought he was going to DIE.  Apparently Craigs List is RIFE with inappropriate ads {that often involve pictures of people’s nasty parts} and not so nice things {this was long before the Craigs List killer, which actually makes this story even worse now that I think about it}

There it is.  I was sent pictures of dingdongs from in and around Northern VA as a result of my need for male friends.  As it happened, I still don’t have any male friends {‘cept for MB and S who is being tricked by us more and more often} and am totally Ok with this to avoid any pictures of unidentified heehaws from now to the end of time.


7 thoughts on “TMI Thursday: I Sincerely Thought That Would Work

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  2. Hahahaha that is so funny and reminds me of my friend who, while in law school, got drunk one night and posted an ad on craigslist for a boyfriend. She proceeded to get tons of pictures of hee-hahs, but one response caught her eye (a non-hee-hah response, a legitimate inquiry). She met the guy and he is stellar and they have been together ever since and are talking about getting engaged. So ya never know who is reading those Craigslist ads at night…

  3. Posting ANYTHING on Craigslist will invite a ton of hee-haws being inboxed to you. Even a for sale ad, and dare I say, even an ad for a “job”. Yeah, like I don’t know what being someone’s “personal assistant” would entail!

  4. This is equal parts sweet and silly. I love it. In fact, I thought it was so funny that I told my last class the story, too.

    Without realizing it, I too participated in TMI Thursday today. It’s quite freeing!

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