Over the course of my almost 30 year existence I’ve had the pleasure {and at times express displeasure} of meeting a lot of people.  Obviously, in the course of said existence, you fall out of step with some people.  Sometimes by choice, sometimes by chance, distance or otherwise.

Regardless of what happens {unless you are the victim or instigator of a restraining order} the best  part of disconnecting with friends, is of course, reconnecting.

As luck would have it, I’ve been given the opporutnity, on two separate occasions to reconnect with dear friends that I’d made in two very different lives; one from high school and one from college.  Both pretty girls met me {and in one instance MB} over tasty drinks and dinner and multiple hours of catching up and filling in were had.

Full Disclosure:  I was wildly nervous about both encounters.  I’m somewhat of a closet shy person, and that closeted part of my personality suffers gravely from these types of interactions.  Most times, I’m plagued with nervousness that I used to associate with first dates, and  am convinced that I’m going to be super awkward and lame, reminding  my long lost friend why they lost touch with me in the first place.

Thankfully none of these bizarre situations actually occurred and I was rewarded with reconnecting with two very fun, very awesome friends.

Have you gone on a reconnection spree lately?  How was that been?


3 thoughts on “Reconnect

  1. I usually try to avoid “reconnecting” at all costs since I was friends with a lot of people with whom I now have absolutely nothing in common. I can only talk about movies and reality telivision for so long before I get rude or make a scene. The big exception would obviously be the Bailey’s but we are in contact enough that I don’t count it is reconnecting.

    • Fair enough. Although all the clapping and hugging and leaping that occurs (on my part) when we do hang can in fact constitute a scene…

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