MB and I are going on our first out of state trip together {not counting those to PA, cause you know those totally don’t count} which will involve an airplane, sunshine and Mickey Mouse.  But we’ll get to that.

The point today is that when we got up this morning, there was no dog trying to hog either of our pillows, licking our hands and/or wagging his tail in our faces.  Kanga went to stay with my parents.

At first blush, it is 100% liberating to be sans pooch.  We didn’t have to go outside before the sun was up in 19 degree weather to bark at the neighbors/go potty.  We didn’t have to pray that anything would be barking and bothering everyone all day.  And we don’t have to rush home to make sure that no one has any accidents on the carpet.

But MB and I both felt like there was something very palatable missing in the house.  And there clearly is.  A member of our family isn’t around.

Sometimes {this is really terrible} when I’m really frustrated with dog ownership, I wonder what would have happened if I never got Kanga that fateful day in July 2006.  I’ve concluded I’d be richer, cleaner {Kanga sheds like a mofo} and a smidge more sane.  I’d have access to all the wonderful apartments in DC and NOVA and I wouldn’t feel guilty every time I left the house.  But this week, already, I’ve realized that I wouldn’t have had the courage to move to DC all by myself.  I would have been lonely and afraid.  I would have noone to great me when I walk in the door, and nothing to entertain MB endlessly when I’m trying to make dinner.  Kanga is one of the best friends I’ve ever had.  I hope he knows how much we miss him.

Do you have a pet?  Is it weird when they are away?


4 thoughts on “Kangaless

  1. When I travel, I have a hard time falling asleep because the cats are not there to cuddle/fight for real estate on my side of the bed. Though I realize there’s a stigma attached to women who love their cats, I adore mine. Few things make me happier than my fat cat Harry running to greet me at the door then jumping onto the dining room table so I can pet him properly. Even if I’ve only been gone for an hour, he behaves as though it’s been a year. It’s very sweet. And when I’m away, I do miss them dearly.

  2. I really miss Lucy since I am student teaching in central PA. Don’t get me wrong, the house I reside in has 3 dogs, but they are not my own and they are never as happy to see you when they aren’t yours. Not being with your pet is very hard to do! Sleeping without the dog is a lot harder, especially when in a strange place.

  3. Have a wonderful trip! We do not have pets, and likely never will, for all of the reasons you listed in the last paragraph! If my husband weren’t ridiculously allergic, I’m sure he’d insist on a dog. Since I don’t know anyone in our condo bldg (other than us) without a pet, we see dogs and cats every day.

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