Internal Baby Radar

Recently, a portion of the Old Town Book Club met to eat some chips and salsa at a Guapos that is not in fact almost in Maryland.  At said event was the new baby V, whom we all met right before Christmas.  This new little family is quite mobile despite the youngest member being under 2 months old.  I’m wildly impressed by Miss M and her parenting skillz.  Dad isn’t doing so shabby either.

Miss H is a natural.

It was after holding V for a long stretch of time, administering a bottle and doing the general coochycooing that one does over the smallest human being ever that I asked myself, am I ready for this?

MB would have you believe, that yes, in fact we are all sorts of ready.  Every time he sees a baby he points it out and declares his anxiety over wanting to have a child.  Like yesterday.  And while I’m not boldly proclaiming that I want to have children RIGHT NOW, I know that there needs to be some time to let me settle into things before I go around making more children.  I knew that of course, before V and I hung out recently, but after hanging out with him, I really knew.

While holding V, I felt excited, a little scared and definitely in awe.  But I felt no longing.  {no offense}.  I didn’t want to hand him back but I definitely wasn’t imaging what it would be like to have one of my own.  I think I was actually concentrating really hard on not doing anything horrifying/making sure some of the milk actually landed in his mouth.  And that’s when I really knew — babies are pretty far off on the horizon for, as far as I can see, for now.

Before we were engaged, there was a period of time of about 3-4 months where in I felt like I was going to literally EXPLODE if MB didn’t pop the question.  Everywhere I turned couples were getting engaged or hitched and I was so READY to make that step myself, I could honestly admit that I had the fever.  After MB proposed, the fever was at an all time pitch and that is how I knew it was the perfect timing for me.

Babies?  I don’t have it yet.  I don’t yearn for pregnancy or onesies.  I’m not certain that women necessarily do — but I think this woman will…when it’s time.

Do you need to have the fever to know it’s time for something?  Or like an adult do you make the decision rationally?


3 thoughts on “Internal Baby Radar

  1. We are ready and I have the fever – BUT we are also being super rational. We are ready now, but we are waiting until late Fall (Oct-Dec) to start trying. Factors that make us ready now: 1.) money, 2.) we’ve been living together 5 years; we are no longer figuring things out, 3.) couple years of marriage – we are solid as a couple… Reasons we are waiting until late Fall when we’ve been ready for over a year: I’ll be in a much better place in my career. I’ll receive my PhD a few months before the baby comes. I’ll have finished my dissertation (stress!) before getting pregnant. We’ll be done with the M-F distance by the time baby comes.
    So to answer your question, Fever + Logic are both needed 🙂

  2. If God wants me to have a baby – there will need to a fever involved! There will not be a rational decision coming from H to have a child. At least not this year. YOU however will make an wonderfully amazing mommy (one day 🙂 )

  3. I, for one, agree with Mrs. C that you will be a WONDERFUL mommy when the time is right :-). Not being a Mrs. or a Mother, I do think there is such an immense pressure on women to get their degree(s), get married and have a baby all before the age of 30. But let’s be honest, who are we? SUPERWOMAN?! While we’d like to imagine that…there is nothing wrong until waiting until when WE say it’s time and not when society says it’s time. There will come a time and YOU will be ready and YOU will be wonderful!


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