A Blogger Without a Computer

Is like the Mid Atlantic without proper preparation for an ENORMOUS snow storm.

As you might or might have not noodled through, we dear readers, are stranded in Florida.

And by stranded, I mean happily extending our vacation in a subtropical climate by way of the Snow Apocalypse that is happening in Northern VA.

We have had a WONDERFUL time in Central Florida.  Seriously.  We saw Mickey Mouse himself.  We ate dinner with Cinderella and Co.  We ate Mexican food in Mexico and I got food poisoning in China.  I ate so many sweets and won so many games of Uno, there should be Federal laws against both.

Our flight on Sunday was cancelled and our flight that was rebooked for Wednesday morning has just been cancelled.   We are on our way to the airport now to try to figure out when we’ll be back on our home turf.  Thankfully, the Feds cannot handle snow so we’re not missing any work.  And we are certainly glad to not be dealing with the horrendous weather.

I wish I could tell you all about our adventures, but like all my dear friends in the metro area, we’ll all have to be patient and wait out the storm.

Can’t WAIT to see you all so soon!!

How are you dealing with the snow armegdeon?


6 thoughts on “A Blogger Without a Computer

  1. UGH!!! I am not dealing with the snow very well. I miss you and your western PA driving in the snow skills. I miss queso and fountain soda. I miss MB not listening to me when I tell stories and then going “wait, what?” The only good thing that’s come out of the snow is no work but lets be honest I haven’t seen you in 2 WEEKS and its only going to be longer because you are stranded in FL. Le sigh…

  2. id rather be stranded in florida than here. snow is all pretty and fun until someone hands you a shovel. the worst part is that there is nowhere to put all the heaps. numerous snow mountains have been created; my goal is to climb one since there are layers of ice. knowing my luck, id get to the top and fall through. it’s all doom and gloom in these parts lol

    glad you had a fun trip. hope you can get a flight home soon

  3. i too am having a great time. never in my life have i felt so organized or productive. i have made so many great crafts and meals. even without heat for a bit we have still managed to have a good time. i hope everyone is safe and that you stay that way. have fun in FLA small and MB.

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