And, predictably, I really wish that we would have stayed in Florida.

I sort of saw this coming from a mile away but was unable {read:  unwilling} to think through what would actually be the windfall of a 9 day vacation.  The short of it resulted in me wailing hysterically threatening MB to move out {with him preferably} all while trying to balance our finances and come to grips with the fact that I did NOT in fact send my Social Security card in when attempting to get a new one.

And did I mention we have to dig out our car.

I’ve calmed down a little {a very little} and we’re off to try to rescue the car.  And hopefully there will be some guac in my future.  And the bill will get paid and the money will materialize out of nowhere and maybe we will move.  Or maybe MB will passive aggressively fight the man.  Who knows.

What I do know is that I missed all of you TERRIBLY and I cannot wait to begin to update you on the most wonderful trip I’ve ever been on with my husband.  You can probably look for some pictures of me and the sunny state of Florida tonight.

In the meantime, what do you have planned for this holiday weekend?


One thought on “We’re BAAAAACCCKKK

  1. welcome back 🙂 too bad you had to come home to the crazy snow aftermath. im still laying low at home (im a lazy bum lol). cant wait to see pictures!

    i’ll be doing lots of hw this weekend, but im seeing my valentine in two weeks 😀

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