MickeyMickeyMickey: Take Off!

Wednesday, February 3 started like any Wednesday out there.  Except that day I was taking my first flight as Mrs. MB with Mr. MB in tow.  We had a little flurry and MB’s sister and her boyfriend had driven in the night before to fly out with us but otherwise, completely normal.  Oh that and I though we were leaving at 11 — we were actually leaving at  1.  WOOPS!

At the airport, finally through security and patiently waiting 2 hours it was our turn to board!

“put the camera away and get on the plane!”

I did NOT freak out and the flight was pretty low key.

We happily deplaned to a land of palm trees and NO SNOW.

We took the tram to the PayLess rental car place.  This is my public service announcement to the greater blogging world.  DO NOT EVER RENT FORM PAYLESS RENTAL CAR EVER.  Ever.  Ever.  They were awful.  But we’ll get there.

From there we headed to Kissimmee where Nanny and PopPop were staying for three weeks.

Poor MB had a sty in his eye.  He also really wanted to dump the fruity tictacs in his mouth.  Tricky to say the least.  But he managed.  We played a game of Uno and then turned in, because the next day we had a date with Mickey Mouse!!

Are you having a vacation soon?


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