MickeyMickeyMickey: We’re Off

The four of us were up early Thursday  morning with a tasty breakfast in our bellies ready to see Mickey.

I was so excited I seriously felt like I was going to pop.  I drove of course.

Isn’t it beautiful?  At this point, everything was exciting to me.  Like the parking lot.

Or the parking lot tram, one of many rides that we would ride that day.

Once we were safely inside the gate, MB and I posed with our free passes for our day at Disney World.

And after chatting with the nice ticket lady, we were inside.  And thrilled about it.  We hopped on the monorail

And found ourselves at the Magic Kingdom!

We met the mayor of Main Street USA.

who was really excited that we had volunteered.  He knew we volunteered because MB and I were both given buttons with our names on them proclaiming our volunteer status.  The mayor wasn’t the only one that like our volunteerism.

Goofy and Donald were pretty pleased with us.  Next we took ourselves on all the fun Magic Kingdom rides.  Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Jungle Cruise

Space Mountain!

Something that looked like the country bear Jamboree RolloCoaster

And Peter Pan, which we needed a Fast Pass for because we refused to stand in line for anything for over 10 minutes.

For those of you that don’t know, Fast Passes allow you to get on rides faster if you’re willing to wait elsewhere in the park until  your time comes.  Basically they allow you to wait outside of line doing something else {shop/eat/maybe ride}.  This is amazing for the ADHD in me.  Standing in line is predictably NOT my forte.

All of this riding had us pretty tuckered out.  But not too tuckered.  There were tons of important people to see.  Like Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters and stepmother.

MB informed me that they are wicked and not in fact ugly.  I liked ugly.  We both thought they were hilarious.

And there was Buzz.  Buzz Lightyear.

And we caught the 3 pm parade.

Loved it!  By then the kids and we were ready to hit another park.  So on the monorail and off we go!

That was the last of the Magic Kingdom.  While it is DEF my favorite place on Earth, it isn’t very Husband friendly.  I can’t wait until we have MB Jr. and can take him to see Mickey & Friends.

Do you have a favorite Disney Park?



7 thoughts on “MickeyMickeyMickey: We’re Off

  1. that’s an awesome volunteer opportunity. i kinda assumed disney would make people do a kid/disney related activity :p i havent volunteered in ages, but it’s definitely something i think about from time to time 🙂

  2. Your trip looks like so much fun! Mike and I have been talking about planning a summer vacation, and since we’ve been to Disney twice (Epcot is our fav, by the by), we are thinking about Northern CA. Of course, after looking at your pics, I am ready for another trip to Orlando soon!

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