Total Freak Out

This morning, I freaked out.

There is of course a reason that I completely lost my cool, but the more I think about, the more ridiculous the reason is.  Suffice to say that I let myself become wholly overwhelmed by a lot of things, our messy apartment being one of them.

Specifically, our office had not been unpacked or cleaned since that fateful day on June 1 when we officially moved in.  June 1 was, as you know, 8 months ago {and some change}.  After my tantrum which seriously almost resulted in me throwing myself out the window {literally I went for the window but decided throwing myself out it would hurt a lot} I decided we would start with the office and really get everything unpacked, CLEAN and really in order.

First, we moved my computer to MB’s desk.  Because on MY desk now resides the Pottery Barn craft cubby look a like that Big Paul made me as a Christmas gift!


I also had to set up my CRICUT!


The result?

It kind of looks the same, yes?  Yikes.

I cannot WAIT to show you my Cricut-ing!!

Have you done a major overhaul recently?


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