MickeyMickeyMickey: Epcot. Take 1

After carousing around with Mickey and Co all morning we hopped over to Epcot to get our NERD on!

The Disney Give a Day Get a Day program allows you entry to one park, so we had to buy a park hopper for that pass.  One day at Disney for two people for $100.  Yes PLEASE!

We departed from SIL and her BF and decided to ride a ride or two.

Full disclosure:  My husband is quasi petrified of thrill rides.  Not because he’s a big puss, but as you know he suffers from some pretty rando ailments and he’s always afraid to have some sort of adverse reaction during a fun ride.  Which I totally get.  When we’re not at a theme park.  When we ARE about to go on the Mission Space ride, however, I tell him to MAN UP and go on the Team Orange side with me.  And he does.

Especially when 7 year old Margaret and her dad ran ahead of us in line.  It turned out to be MB’s favorite ride.  You go in a flight simulator on a Mission to Mars and get to blast off and zoom around — G forces and all.  He loved it.

Next we high tailed it to the World Show case.  I immediately got distracted by the characters.  So while MB checked out the tea house I posed with Alice.

Then as MB played in the phone booth, I waited in line for Mary Poppins.

ugh i LURVE her!

Finally we made it to a country, and had some champagne.  As you guessed we were a belle France!

Je parle le francais un peu. A une vendeuse.  Elle etait tres agreable de cela. 

After belle France we were immediately in Japan.  Champagne still in hand.

I thought I would be a super nice wife and suggest we go for Sushi, which up until this visit I hated.  MB pounced and I had my first piece of Sushi {love how I “hate” things I’ve never tried}.  It was delicious!  Everyone should put avocado in EVERYTHING!  Always!

Next, I downed MB’s unfinished champagne and we hopped over to Germany where MB threw down and purchased some Gummi Baeren.  In German.  As we were leaving the sweetery we happened upon a forming line of small children with autograph books and a pro photographer!  PRINCESS TIME!   We got in line.

always thrilled about a Princess sighting.

poor kid.

There she was in all her glory.  My favorite part of meeting this princesses is they address you as princess and prince.  MB and I loved it.

Next we headed to China {after brief stops in Morocco and America.  We skipped Italy.  We eat at the Olive Garden a lot}  And look who we found!!

True story:  Mulan is my favorite princess.  I told her so.  She giggled and said — How nice!  Just today another little princess told me I was her THIRD favorite.  I love kids.

Then we rode the Maelstrom ride in Norway, getting a history of the Nordic people.  It was scary!  {not really}

Afterwards we had a few quick pics.

Then we hightailed it out of there.  We had a very important date.  But don’t worry, we’d be back at Epcot!!

close up of the ball

Are you equally obsessed with Disney Princesses or characters?


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