MickeyMickeyMickey: Princess Dinner

After and amazing day in the Magic Kingdom and then Epcot MB whisked me away for a belated Bday present, given in part by Jan and Paul.  Dinner with Cinderella and Prince Charming.

MB relaxed while I grabbed some pictures.

The Grand Floridian is one of the Disney World Resort Hotels that is right on the monorail.  MB and I decided we’d be staying there if we ever came back.

Even though we had 7:15 reservations, we had a little bit of a wait.  Cindi and the Prince are in high demand.  We didn’t mind!

Oooh! Our turn!  1900 Park Fare is an all you care to eat dining experience.  The food and atmosphere were outstanding.

The theme is a vintage 1920s high class amusement resort.  I was totally amused.

The food was a sampling of international cuisine including French, Spanish and Italian.

We all know how I feel about tiny desserts!

And Mickey shaped plates!

The highlight, though, of course, was Cinderella and Prince Charming visiting every table to say hello!

They brought friends.  From before!

We finished our {3rd, 4th…?} helpings of the buffet and left for the evening.  When we reached the house, Nanny informed us that Minnie had been in for a visit…we had just missed her!

What a wonderful first day of vacation!!  The fun, of course hardly stopped there!

Have you ever eaten with a real life princess?? 😉 




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