W&B Loves: Dante’s Inferno

On the eve of our no spend month , MB and I went out and had a complete spending BENDER!  This consisted of tons of clothes, a new purse, and our best purchase, Dante’s Inferno.


I LOVE  it!

What you probably don’t know, because we are momentarily on hold at Bride at Blog, is that {and sorry to ruin this} is that my brother “gifted us” a PS3 to celebrate our wedding.  It involved MB holding the console over his head triumphantly.    Whatever.  Since then, we’ve been having fights on and off about the time spent in front of the TV playing silly video games.  Also, the frequency with which we buy video games is horrifying.  I try to be nice about it, but  I generally don’t like video games.

Until now.

Dante’s Inferno follows the crusader, Dante, through the 7 circles of Hell in an attempt to rescue his lost love, Beatrice.  While there is definitely a ton of hi-yaing the bad guys and spreading them with this enormous sword made out of somone’s spine, the story is amazing, the graphics are stunning {it watches like a movie} and there are tons of puzzles that MB actually asks me to help him with.  It’s much more engaging than Ghostbusters or Oblivion ever was.  So this weekend in honor of almost quitting spending, you could find Mr and Mrs MB on the couch trying to fight Lucifer and help get Beatrice BACK!

Do you like any video games?


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