Lent. Week 1.

This weekend saw the first attempt at me keeping my Lenten promises.  The big promise tackled:  Clean once a week.  As you know, Erin says that if you can establish the habit for one whole week the chance is that it will stick.  I understand that a weekend does not equal a week, but I’m hoping that being consistent every weekend with the cleaning will create a very clean habit.

Here’s how it went down.

Saturday, I got up did our bills and set the kitchen timer for one hour.  Then I started by doing two loads of laundry.  After that was started I picked one room that needed my attention.  That was the kitchen.  Washing dishes, wiping down counters, sweeping the floor.  Then I switched the laundry and continued to clean in kitchen.  Folded, put away and hung the laundry and then the timer rang.  All done.  MB woke up and said — wow!  The house is sparkling!  Hooray!  We went about the day and had a great one, actually.  I think most of my glee was the fact that I was free from my house — I had actually done something to clean up and I didn’t feel guilty about being out and NOT cleaning!  Hooray!

I executed the same one hour cleaning stint Sunday morning and I got SO MUCH DONE!  The house looks amazing.  I finally feel like I might have found the key to having a clean and therefore a happy household.

Have you picked up any new habits to help you keep your house clean?


4 thoughts on “Lent. Week 1.

  1. I am a neat freak and since I started working from home I am losing my mind trying to keep it clean and stay focused on work. So I decided to deep clean a room of the house every day this week and then just maintain it and only clean one room a day in hopes that everything stays clean and I don’t have to spend hours trying to get everything back in its place. Can we hire our maids now please?

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