Grateful Today!

Recently, I happened upon Great Full Day which is a pretty blog that helps you celebrate life.

It reminded me of when Oprah had her watchers write down the things they were grateful for each day {which I did, I was probably about 13, which meant I was grateful for JayZ, my friends, my boyfriend, and icecream {is it scary that this list has changed very little in 14 years?!}} and I thought I should create such a list, of maybe just ten things, and use it to prepare to get you, my dear readers, up to speed on things going on in the life and time of Wife & Blog!

I, LNRB, am grateful for:

  1. My dear husband.  Who will be graduating a month early.  And is super smart.
  2. My darling friends.  Many of whom I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with recently and some of whom have celebrated wonderful birthdays!
  3. My family.  Without whom I would be very sad and lonely.
  4. My new job for which I am wildly excited and nervous, simultaneously.
  5. Our wedding photos.
  6. My blogging friends.  Two of whom I have never met but feel a particular kinship with.
  7. Running, which makes me feel free, strong and exhausted all at the same time.
  8. Homewood meals.  There’s just something about them, warm and made with love.
  9. Fruit flavored gum.
  10. New clothes!

What are you grateful for?


8 thoughts on “Grateful Today!

  1. 1. him
    2. my health
    3. my mama and her sacrifices
    4. my friends
    5. having a job (and a paycheck)
    6. being able to give back
    7. the rest of my family and their love
    8. that spring is on the way (hopefully)
    9. incrediblecrunchyflavor
    10. that i don’t live in haiti

  2. 1. the man, the myth, the legend
    2. my mother and father
    3. marc’s family
    4. my friends
    5. the bug
    6. my job
    7. my health
    8. being born in america
    9. our troops, past and present
    10. being able to trust my intuition

  3. 1) Marcy (I have to put her first or she’ll get salty)
    2) Ladybug
    3) The Potomac River
    4) Hamburgers
    5) Gas Guzzling SUVs
    6) Public Restrooms
    7) That really big Reese’s Cup they are selling these days
    8) That terrible rash finally cleared up
    9) Global Warming
    10) Re-runs of “Dogfights” on the History Channel

  4. I am grateful:

    1. For Mike.
    2. For my furry little companions.
    3. For my mom and my grandparents (who are the best, best).
    4. For my friends and co-workers (who’ve literally saved my life on many occasions).
    5. For the fact that I get to teach Creative Writing. It really does bring me so much joy each week.
    6. For being lucky to have traveled to some extraordinary place, and for having all those memories to cheer me on the dreary or sad days.
    7. For LOST and for crime shows which provide me with hours and hours of entertainment.
    8. For afternoon naps.
    9. For tomato basil soup at Max & Erma’s and for french fries and ketchup.
    10. For a nice long summer break (even though it feels so far away this year).

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