New Job

I’ve been alluding for a while now that my life has been changed significantly.  For the better.  By a new job.


A little history, yes?

I have been a member of the workforce since I quit law school and Pittsburgh and brought myself to the DC area on July 19, 2006.  From my first job with a lawyer in downtown DC, I know that working the typical behind the desk 9-5 was really not for me.  After my 6 months there, I moved myself to a non profit where I managed marketing and membership.  I also started graduate school.  I learned 2 things at this job:  some places are so mismanaged its out of control and I definitely was not interested in working with non profits as part of my career.  I also gained on of my best best friends {holler msheed!}.  After 14 months with the non profit I landed my big job at the Federal Government.  When I made the move in May 2008 I was really hopeful that I’d have a job that would engage me, where I’d be making a difference and be using the knowledge I was gaining from my degree program.

Oh LNRB.  So naive.

There were a lot of problem that kept me from realizing career satisfaction.  I personally believed that my first supervisor didn’t like me.  I also felt that I was under managed and over criticized.  I felt trapped.  Then in October another Director in my organization approached me about potentially moving to her group, which I gladly accepted.   I worked in this group for 14 months, which brings us to the present.  While my colleagues in my most recent position were super friendly and my supervisor willing to provide me with developmental activities, I was still essentially a secretary.  Then I was accepted to a leadership program at work and my whole life changed.

In the program I met my mentor who is a big deal, at a young age doing something that I would love to do.  I also have met a cohort of young, motivated government employees who are focused on advancing their careers and the mission of our organization.

From there I’ve embarked on shadowing assignments and I’ve quickly learned that I need to move out of the position I was in, to something challenging and exciting.  Enter my new friend Ms. R.  Ms. R attempted to get me a detail working with the an office that focuses on web 2.0 {blogging, twittering facebook HELLO!} but the office I used to work with vetoed the detail.  So, Ms. R went to her supervisor, an advisor to the Secretary, who then met with me.  Within a few days, I was transferred to his office.

And now I work as his Executive Assistant.

But don’t let this new title fool you.

I’ve been assured by new boss that there will be tons of assignments to keep my mind sharp and my focus on the mission.  And after 8 days I can assure you that this is case.  I work, LIKE ACTUALLY WORK, for the full 9-10 hours I’ve been in the office.  And I’m excited and engaged.  And thrilled.

But our life is going to change as a result, but we’ll get into that.

Have you recently started a new job?


3 thoughts on “New Job

  1. Congrats!! As a former employee at Never In a Hurry (NIH), I understand the potential frustrations when working with/for the govt.

    But way to make a positive change! So many people stay in bad situations because they don’t know how to get out – it is so wonderful that you are taking charge and finding a way to be happy!

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