Preparing For Our No Spend Month

In order to really execute the No Spend Month we needed to have a plan.  This started by creating a list of things we could and could not spend money on.  Behold!

First we laid out all the things we could spend money on.  These we labeled necessities:  gas, bills, medical.  Then we also agreed that we’d have to spend money on what we considered depletables.  So, groceries and toiletries.  With the groceries we challenged ourselves, in the spirit of no spending, to only spend $250 total on food for our house.  To date we’ve spent $150  $100 MORE TO GO!  Toiletries are something else we could not go 1 month without if we ran out of.  We also pledged to try to make stuff work, like sharing toothpaste instead of having two different kinds, digging through the linen closet to find those rogue shampoos and conditioners and when we do have to buy, trying to get the store or cheaper brand option.

Now the tough part.  What we CANNOT spend the money on: going out to eat (boo!), movies, clothes, itunes, snacks at work and other non-necessities.  I have to be honest, no snacks at work have been hard.  Thankfully, I have a prepaid card which I decided totally doesn’t count as spending money, but today MB threw down and claimed it does.  Eating out has been much easier on my waistline (have I mentioned I lost three lbs this week?!) and we feel better about having more time at home.  See, not spending any money essentially means going NOWHERE.  Having all this time to spend together, relaxing in the house getting stuff done has been awesome.  I really like spending time with my husband.

Not spending any money has also caused me to be resourceful in ways I didn’t think possible.  Like giving myself my own manicure.

Not bad no?  I’m really excited to see how much was save over this month.  And I’m also excited about how many breadsticks I eat when we once again can dine at the Olive Garden!

Would you do a no spend month?


7 thoughts on “Preparing For Our No Spend Month

  1. You have a lot of self-control. I don’t think I could do this. I mean it. When I was single and working at my prior job, I had a lean year where I actually had to pick up an extra job (Olive Garden) and ate mostly cereal (and Olive Garden bread sticks). I did it then, but I don’t know if I could do it again. Too spoiled.

    I think what you’re doing is great, and I’m so happy it’s working for you!

  2. I think it would be really cool to try all the free cultural places around Washington and blog about the experiences. There’s so much to do in Richmond that doesn’t cost money – we live 2 doors down from the VMFA and we’ve NEVER gone since we’ve lived here!

  3. I occasionally do what I call a clean out the pantry week (really two weeks) where I will not grocery shop for that two weeks and instead MUST use what I have in the house. It is amazing what you find buried in the back of the pantry or freezer. And I like Mrs. Cook’s idea about taking advantage of free cultural activities…especially in DC where there are so many choices!

  4. i don’t think a prepaid card counts… it’s prepaid, as in, you have already paid for it. because you know you’re allowed to use the toothpaste you already paid for…

  5. Well, well. Its about time!!!!!!! Whats with the pre-paid card? use it you paid for it!!! Sorry favorite son-in-law. Just be careful how much you spend on the card. You could get carried away with that too. Speaking of Olive Garden, Mom, Gram, and me went to Alto. today and we ATE AT THE OLIVE GARDEN. It was great!! As time goes by you will find new ways to cut back. You two will do fine. See you in a week. Then you can spluge on us. Love ya.

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