TMI Thursday: My Monthly Cycles

Where has TMI Thursday been you ask?  It’s been in FL, buried under three feet of snow, getting a new job.  That’s where  But, today we’re back and in lieu of what was my typical horrifying story, I thought in the spirit of being back on the TMI wagon, I would share something that is completely too much information for the blogging community at large.


I track my menstrual cycle online.

My Monthly Cycles is this boss website that chicks {dudes could do it too but it would be way anti-climactic} can sign up for for FREE.  Then you can stick your first day of your period up there, track you symptoms and your flow {ohhh yes, I just said flow} and be ready for your next montly cycle.

MMC is pretty awesome because after 2 months of tracking it figures out the average length of you cycle and SENDS YOU AN EMAIL when you are about to get your period.  This feature has saved my marriage once a month; about the time that I feel like I’m going to kill MB because he looked at me the wrong way and tried to give me a hug and call me pretty and all that does is make me SO ANGRY I could go insane — I get an email from my friend at MMC letting me know my period is in 4 days and I’d most likely be experiencing the symptoms I tracked last month:  fatigue, mood swings, headache, upset tummy.  Huh!  My husband isn’t going to die!  And I’m not psychotic.  Much.  This feature has also helped me remember that I forget when my period comes and has alleviated the instances of me throwing myself down the stairs twice a day because I FORGOT rather than missed my period and I thought I was preggo.

MMC is also pretty handy for those of you responsible adults that are TRYING to get knocked up.  They provide an ovulation calendar, based on your period calendar.

You see that dark purple bunny on the 16th of the month?  Yeah.  That’s prime day for making babies.  This calendar has the opposite effect on MB and I know.  I notice the day and one of us sleeps in the guest room.  It WILL be hand when we are ready for MB Jr and LaMarka, which probably won’t be for a year or two more.

There you have it.  My hightech way of grossing my husband {and you} out once a month.

Do you track your period?


9 thoughts on “TMI Thursday: My Monthly Cycles

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  2. Does MMC let you know a month in advance that you are indeed just psycho and Mark was granted wings as soon as he said “I do”?

    Was that out of line???

    j/k…I am forwarding this to future Mrs. Reighard as soon as I return from the pub! I myself don’t track my period, but teaching is a good reason to start tracking mood swings and emotional problems!

    Great post!

  3. This seems unnecessary. The male equivalent would be an online calendar to let you know when you need to masturbate. I don’t need a calendar for that, I just know when it is time; I always assumed periods were the same way. Then again “I think it is time” way more often than… oh nevermind.

  4. lol i track my period in my planner because i used to think i had an irregular cycle. turns out i had a longer cycle, but totally within normal limits 🙂 i’ll have to look into MMC though; i like the idea of tracking my ovulation

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