I HATE Formspring

Recently, as I carouse around the blogsphere, I’ve noticed a horrifying trend.  Nononono, not the babies.  The Questions.

For those of you that don’t compulsively read blogs instead of paying attention to your husband, here’s the skinny.  You go to Formspring.me.  You get an account.  You link to it {probably from your blog} and people can ANNOYMOUSLY ask you anything.  THEN you can post those answers, to your blog {thereby weeding through to the best questions…or answers} or directly via twitter.  Of course, your Formspring anonymous faithful can always log back on and see the answers you post…


With this new information in mind, I was SHOCKED when 7 of the 10 blogs I read in the morning added Formspring questions TO THEIR WEEKLY POSTS.  People.  Listen.  It is NOT BLOGWORTHY to answer a litany of unrelated interview-ish type questions.  It’s JUST. NOT.  Maybe I could forgive this kind of behavior if you, I don’t know, took one question and an entire post’s worth of time to answer it, anecdote included.   But reading through all of these bizarre, hodge podge questions and your witty, predictable {sorry, I’m a long time reader} answers is TEDIOUS.  To say the least.

And here’s the thing.  If people have questions for you — WHY DON’T THEY JUST EMAIL YOU!   The glorious thing about email communication with readers is that they can ask you these questions and get a personalized answer.  And they’ll most likely be appropriate questions, since annomynimity via email is rather difficult.

Now, before you go getting all upset, Formspring user, let me tell you that I understand.  I understand, like gawker says, that the whole idea of Formspring serves this narcissistic want to be loved, and have that love shown via anonymous questions.  I understand how your blog readership isn’t enough for your ego.  Neither is your twitter, or your facebook or your blog-spawned/supported business for that matter.  I totally get you. 

And shame on your readers, for dumbing down blog posts for the rest of us.  And for being so nosy.  And a host of other things.

In closing, please don’t hate me if you like/use Formspring.  I WON’T be opening up an anonymous line for you to ask me about my loathing of the device further…that’s what the comments are for.

Do you use Formspring?


6 thoughts on “I HATE Formspring

  1. Awesome post!! I think you could do a whole series of blog rants including: music on the website, word/comment verification, and blogs so cluttered you can’t find the comment button.

    Happy Monday!

  2. True that. I’m not sure how the menace that is Formspring came to be spawned, but I’m horrified that it’s leeching from its page onto the rest of the Internet. God save us all!

  3. Couldn’t agree more! I can’t scroll through my recent tweets or news feed anymore without stumbling over dozens of formspring posts. I don’t know what’s more annoying – the blatant rudeness of the questions or the answerer’s incessant begging for people to ask them questions!

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