Amateur Photog

Recently MB and I got the coolest thing in the mail from MY favorite people in the world, John + Kimberly Sanderson.  I think you’ve heard me talk about them.

Ohhhh yes, that is our 16×20 inch gallery wrapped canvas.  Yum.

I’m not sure if it was this lovely photo now hanging in our living room, or his recent hang out with his photography inclined little brother, but MB got out his new Christmas toy and got to snappin’.

I just love watching MB do things that bring him joy.

It doesn’t hurt that the photos he takes are pretty boss.

You can check more out here.

Does your SO have a hobby that you enjoy being party to?


4 thoughts on “Amateur Photog

  1. Marcy is into most things I do (TV watching, fishing, sleeping) but I am not into crotcheting or any of that stuff.

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