I Hate Apologists

Nothing really irks me more than when a blogger I heart drops off the face of the earth and then slowly starts popping back to the blog, but only leaving super short one liners (sorry!  I’ve been bad!  Sorry I’m such a terrible blogger!  Sorry I’m the cause of the decline of the Western  Civilization!)  Then I realized this week, after not having blogged for three days, I truly AM sorry — I know how it feels to stop into my favo blogs and not see anything updated.  I”m here to say that my attitude about absent bloggers have changed.  I’m sorry.  And I miss you.

Why so non-bloggy?  Yesterday, for example, I was in Utah.

Look at those MOUNTAINS!

This morning I woke up in Texas!

But not before I ate some tasty guac!


Sorry.  That was completely necessary.

I’ll see you on Monday.  I can’t wait to tell you about my trip. 

How has your week been?  Every feel blog guilty?


5 thoughts on “I Hate Apologists

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