Relationship Ending No More

Today, like as in right now, I’m sitting in an airport waiting to board to take me home.  Like to my real home.


MB is driving up from our other home to meet me there this evening.  One would think that he’d be picking me up at the airport with roses and hugs and kisses, as it’s been well over 5 days since I’ve seen his face.

But that’s not the case.

MB and I are going to be in Pittsburgh for his fraternity’s five year reunion of its founding.  He is actually one of the homeboys that helped to found it, so this weekend is kind of a big deal for him and his brofriends. 

Part of the weekend of course includes a swank dinner and dancing but before all that happens, tonight is the dreaded, awful, horrendous, embarrassing Greek Sing.



What happens, every year — each sorority is given a fraternity pair.  They then spend the majority of the spring semester putting together and MTV-esque version of a live music video — usually themed {as you can tell above} that results in about 4 hours one Friday night in Oakland of half dressed co-eds wearing stupid costumes, gyrating to terrible mashed up music for a prize.  Even when I was in college I found the whole exercise a smidge inane, UNentertaining and filled with drama {usually in the form of “I love my Greek Sing Partner”, “I hate our Greek Sing co-captain”, “She’s too fat for our costumes”}.  I was supportive of my sisters but the exercise usually resulted in tons of eye rolling and huge sighs on my part. 

But MB, he loved it.

And his senior took part in it which ended our relationship {that week}.  He was COMPLETELY consumed in the nonsense.  And I hated it.  And him.  But mostly Greek Sing.

This evening at 6 pm EST, Mrs. Best Man, her bestie NC and I are being Greek Sing widowed by our men, who support their fraternity to the DEATH — especially if that death is accompanied by the musical stylings of Lil Wayne and wearing ridiculous costumes.  And this time, instead of throwing a fit and breaking up, MB will NOT pick me up from the airport so as not to miss one note and one turn, and I will ride in on the bus, meet some of the best friends in the world, laugh and giggle and drink white wine, and meet my darling husband back at the hotel.

Have you ever seen/participated in a Greek Sing?  Whataya think?


6 thoughts on “Relationship Ending No More

  1. I was supposed to participate in Greek Sing but the TEP’s as a whole stopped going to practices and just didn’t show for the performance. I agree with your assesment of it’s weakness 100%.

  2. oh how I loved greek sing 🙂 I’m in the MB fanclub on this one. I’ve probably never been as nervous about a public performance in my whole entire life as I was when going out on stage for “phantom of the cathedral”

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  4. I participated one year – and we got in trouble. Apparently our song was lacking on the talent and the costumes and the words were a bit crass, or offensive, or inappropriate (but definitely witty!). I’m pretty sure our sorority and the frat we were paired with both got in trouble. Ah… memories.

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