3 Years Ago Today

My best friend, JRY turned 24.

He’s the one on the left.

It’s on this day, March 29, 2007 that I was mugged, at knife point, in front of my apartment.

It was a Thursday.  I had my introduction to Public Administration class, and the following week I had a pretty substantial project due and it was really stressing me out.  The weather was also super wonderfully warm for late March and after a dinner with my then roommate, we convinced each other that it would be OK for me to skip class, calm down, go for a short run to clear my head and spend the evening working on the paper.

I suited up with my sneakers and my BRAND NEW IPOD VIDEO CLASSIC.  I was so proud of my chic new Ipod, not even a month old.  2007 was my first spring in Washington DC and I was having a rough time financially.  I took a second job and managed to save some extra money.  When my old Ipod finally I died, I proudly took my hard-earned money and bought this awesome new Ipod.  I took off down Maryland Avenue NE.

I hit Lincoln Park and decided to head back toward my house.  It wasn’t even a mile away.  On the corner of Maryland and 14th I was listening to my then favorite song, When He Cheats, and I felt someone grab me.  I quickly turned around and saw what looked like an old, short man wrestling me to the ground.  Oh my god, I thought, it’s the middle of the evening {read it was still VERY LIGHT OUT} on a sort of busy street.  My earphones fell off and I started screaming bloody murder — both of our hands clenched around my beautiful new Ipod.  GIVE IT TO ME, he screamed.  I staggered to my feet and of course, put up a fight.  I tried my hardest to wrestle the Ipod out of his hands.  Finally one of his hand reached into pocket, pulled out a knife and he said, drop it or I’ll kill you.  At this point, I THOUGHT I was willing to die for the Ipod but I quickly realized the battle was futile.  I let it go and watched and he BUSTED in the direction I just come from, my Ipod in hand, Carrie Underwood, playing.

I threw myself back on the ground and started SCREAMING and crying.

The people across the street saw everything happen and by the time they called the police and rushed over he was gone.  Seriously, the whole incident happened within a matter of mere seconds.  The police came and walked me back to the house I lived in.  The house I could see from the place where I’d been mugged.

My poor roommate was more upset than I was.  Of course, my mom and dad were WAY more upset than I was.  MB, eh, he was in Pittsburgh celebrating Greek Sing with his boys.  He wasn’t so worried.

The incident was upsetting for the obvious reasons:  getting mugged IS LAME.  I was also devastated that someone could literally just RIP OFF something I had worked really hard to get.  I never got over that.

Today, I don’t celebrate getting mugged, I celebrate my bestie.  {and Miss H from book club!} but I will never forget that fateful afternoon.

Moral of the story:  always go to class.

Have you ever been the victim of a crime?


5 thoughts on “3 Years Ago Today

  1. Oh how awful! Booo to that guy! Boooo and shame.

    Once, whilst eating lunch with co-worker friends, these two women sitting behind us stole my money credit cards out of the purse I so carelessly flung on the back of my chair. It wasn’t until I drove home from work and stopped for gas that I realized I had no way to pay. I called the restaurant first to see if the cards and money had fallen out accidentally, and the girl who answered the phone told me she thought I’d been robbed. “Where you sitting in the back corner?” she asked. When I said that I had, she told me that she was trying to send me signals to let me know that the women were stealing from me. “Oh really?” I said. “How about coming over to the table to tell me what was happening. I think that’s a better way to signal someone that they’re being robbed.” I called the Wilmington PD (I was working in DE at the time), but there wasn’t much they could do. I was furious. These two women spend the afternoon buying up as much as they could at the local mall before they tapped out on all my card limits. Luckily, I wasn’t charged for any of it, but it was a real hassle getting new cards, the worst one being my debit card. But, I couldn’t get over how vile it was that this had happened. I wondered why people were so rotten and why it was so easy for some people to disregard other human beings. It was anti-everything I stood for. It also made me distrustful of people in a way I hadn’t been before. I had a terrible job and a terrible boss at the time, and the experience only weakened my resolve.

    Of course, this is no where near as dreadful as your knife story, but it was a crime nonetheless. At least now I know there are wonderful people out there as well as the grimy. And I never throw my purse on the back of my chair anymore, either.

  2. That’s so horrible and terrifying. I’m glad your ok, but I can imagine that isn’t the type of thing that ever just dissapears from your memory.

    I’ve been really lucky so far and avoided any crime. Every now and again being a dull homebody can pay off I suppose. 😉

  3. Laughing loudly at the moral of your story! Hah! My apartment was broken into in DC (Wisconsin in front of the cathedral – across from Cactus Cantina – oh how I miss those margaritas). Anyways, they broke the lock, and I returned to find my door open, but there was no sign that they entered my place (so not breaking and entering – just breaking). They checked the place for cameras (like maybe a stalker or perv broke in and put them there?) but really they think the person must have been scared off. I really felt like no one took me seriously – and my husband (then boyfriend) wasn’t too worked up about it (he was in Amsterdam randomly). Anyways – no idea where I was going with this – but crime is bad, especially crime that makes you feel vulnerable. And class, well I guess we all know class is good?!

    • I know right where that is – I live over on Mass and Idaho and go over to that area all the time. Gee, and I had felt so safe in this nice little corner of DC.

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