MickeyMickeyMickey: Rainy Day Awesomeness

Our first day at Disney as amazing.  Day 2 was going to be just as awesome.  And a little more damp.  No worries, we were got ourself onto the monorail and a bus to the Hollywood Studios!

First, I forced MB to ride the Aerosmith Rockn’ Roller Coaster.  0-70mph in about 10 second. So.  Awesome.

Such a good sport!

Afterwards, we wandered around for about an hour and then decided to head back to Epcot.  Yes we rode the tower of terror.  And then we wandered into a building in the back of the park.  Inside the building, you’ll NEVER ever GUESS who we saw?!

Ok still didn’t guess?

MICKEY!  yay!

After Mickey, there was a very little that the could top our visit there.  So we hopped back on the bus and we were back at Epcot.  We hit the countries for a tasty lunch at Mexico.  While we were there we got a call from SIL that it had started to rain.  They were going home but MB and I had gotten ponchos from Nanny and Pop Pop!  We were ready to go!

We got to go on all the indoor rides at Epcot since it was raining really badly.  Then we ran into Chip and Dale.  MB was pumped.

We  sat through a weather demonstration.  A 3d one, obviously.

Despite the very wet weather, MB and I braved the elements for the very awesome Epoct fireworks display.  Make sure to go see the fireworks.  They are as cool as you think.

That night we were winding down for our last day in Florida.  So we thought.

What do you do on vacation when it rains?


One thought on “MickeyMickeyMickey: Rainy Day Awesomeness

  1. It rained when we were in Williamsburg. Correction. It downpoured in a miserable, freezing cold kind of way. But we also did not want to let it ruin our day, so we shopped (hurrah!), had a leisurely lunch, visited a great museum in Jamestown and then went to a movie.

    The worst thing to do is to let the rain keep you away from vacation fun. One of our favorite things was that museum, and we might not have seen it if it had been sunny.

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