Dorky Scientist Meets Pretty Girl*

MB was in a tiny fender bender 2 weeks ago.  As we sat on the couch recouperating, watching the 89th episode of Family Guy, played one of their commercials.

MB turned to me and said, I want to meet you on

This is actually not the first time MB has declared before that he thought it would be lovely if we tried our hand at the online dating services to see if we would ultimately be matched.  I think it’s really silly {but also pretty cute}.  It’s silly because I was matched with someone based on a personality quiz.  And it’s not my current husband.

When I was in law school, and MB had left me, as had my other boyfriends, I felt like I would never ever meet anyone ever again.  I signed up for a free month of an online dating service and answered 8902637594389 questions about myself.  I virtually met a lot of men but only decided to go out with one of them.  Donny from Butler.

I was really excited because it seemed like Donny and I had a ton of things in common, he was really nice and from what I could tell was fairly attractive.  We went out on two dates and he met D and Steve {over hamburgers}.  After our last date, we lost touch.  Neither of us was really interested in pursuing the other and it was somehow OK.  We stayed in friend touch for a few weeks and then ultimately lost touch for good when I moved to DC.  A MySpace friendship just wasn’t in my future.

After Donny from Butler, I let my account lapse and thankfully that lapse {and 1 million other glorious twists of fate} put MB and I squarely in each other’s radars and ultimately hearts {gag!  sorry!}.  But I inwardly {and MB outwardly} wonder if, given the right circumstances, we would  meet online and be matched based on personality and the answers that we give.  I, being the more pessimistic one in the group, always say no, we wouldn’t and we wouldn’t want to jinx ourselves by being disappointed when we find out doesn’t think we’re as soul-matey as we thought.  But MB always says, “I’d find you.  And then we’d have an commerical.  And it’d be titled dorky scientist meets pretty girl” {*see!  his words, not mine!}

Have you met your mate online?  I’d love to have you share your story!  If not, what do you think of online dating and/or putting your relationship against the love machine?


4 thoughts on “Dorky Scientist Meets Pretty Girl*

  1. I met my husband on a pseudo-blind date. Pseudo because he knew it was a blind date and I didn’t (I thought I was going to meet a couple – I’d just moved to town and they were related to a friend of mine and taking me out for a drink). Pseudo because I arrived early and my future husband told said couple that he wasn’t going to wait around to meet mystery date Erin (me) and was instead going to hit on that girl alone at the bar (who happened to be me). That is the shortest I’ve ever told that story bc I need to squeeze one more story in.

    I know two people who were in love, dated for a long time, and ultimately broke up b.c. he never wanted to get married (didn’t believe in it?) and she did. A year later, they both joined match, and they were paired together! So they tried it again – and the eventually broke up again. Within a year he was engaged to some girl he later met – so I guess he’s over that not believing in marriage thing. Anyways – stay off of match you two crazy married ppl!

  2. i’ve met a few of my boys from dating sites. my current boyfriend is by far the best match, and i met him on a whim over at okcupid. my previous boyfriend was from, and it was a complete fiasco. i had my heart trampled, and it took me months to realize how incompatible we actually were. people may look good on paper, but turn out to be all wrong. my current boy was not even remotely what i was looking for; we weren’t a strong match. but every day we’re together, the more certain i am that we’re right for each other

  3. Rachel and I did this exact thing a few months ago just to try it and we were matched at 93%. I made my profile first and as soon as she uploaded hers it put her at the top of my match list.

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