May the First

Today is a beautiful morning, the first of May.  I got up early for a Saturday {6:30} so I could upload my pictures from the last 2 MONTHS and put some blog posts together before we  head to Johnstown to early celebrate Mothers Day and late celebrate Christmas {long story, I’ll get there}.  So after my peanut butter bagel was toasted I plopped down to be told by the mac that the files {my pictures} were not supported and could not be uploaded.  Let it be known that I HATE when bloggers who go on hiatus do this, but here’s the basic run down of things I’ve been up to that I wanted to show you:

  • The Potomac flooded and MB and I stood in it.
  • I prepared for a half marathon by not running one mile.
  • I traveled to Salt Lake City which had AMAZING moutains.  It made me feel so small yet so important, it was lovely.
  • I was in Austin, TX and fell in love with a new city.  I also got to hang out with Ms. R and our friend LF.
  • From there I directly flew to Pittsburgh to help MB and his brothas celebrate their fraternity’s 5 year reunion.  While I mercilessly tease the kid about it, the ceremony was super touching and I got to be with some of my best friends.
  • While we were in Pittsburgh, NC and DD got ENGAGED!  Ohhhh how I love me a wedding.
  • Lawyers S, M and A came to visit the Nation’s capital {and  us}  and all we did was eat, walk and laugh.  All I need in my life.
  • We got to see the White House up close and the gardens!
  • Eric came to visit for a whole stinking week.
  • Ms. R and her husband got married.  Again.  In Iowa.

Starting this weekend, I’ll hopefully have more photos of actual things that happen and maybe I’ll get out of my funk long enough to tell you about them!

Have you ever lost 2 months worth of photos?


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