To Chop or Not to Chop?

Ok so my hair is getting really long.

No like really long.

For me anyway.

Of course, I’m at the point with my long hair where I just want to hack it off.

But wait.

I said that I wasn’t going to cut my hair until June 20, 2011.  Random, right?  Well not so much.  It’s because my bestbestbest is marrying my cousin and and oh my other bestestbest is the MOH and my other bestbestbests are shooting the wedding and oh you know it’s in Pittsburgh.  It’s been FARRR to long.

Le SIGH.  Right.  So I’m trying to keep my hair really long so I can look super awesome for the wedding that will invariably rock.  Plus you know it’s easy to keep your hair long and throw it up while you fly across the country, right?

So what do you think — should I keep it long or go ahead and get a few inches hacked off.  It grows, right?


8 thoughts on “To Chop or Not to Chop?

  1. I thought I wanted to cut mine, and so I started with just a few inches. Immediately after, I watched a video from my honeymoon, saw my longer hair and snapped out of it. True story. I am addicted to long hair even though it’s a colossal pain to maintain.
    So, I stay start slow. June 2011 is a long time away. You can trim it, grow it, trim it some more, then grow it and still be ready.

    But really, you’ll look adorable no matter what you decide.

  2. Oh hi LNRB,

    Should you decided to keep it long through June 2011, your hair will be insanely long! At which point, you will most likely be eligible to donate your hair to Locks of Love (you just need 10 inches to spare!). And you know me, I’m working on my 3rd donation and always chatting up the organization to others. I’m actually planning to donate within the next few weeks and I believe my gbig will be making the commitment soon, as well!

  3. i’ve heard trimming can make your hair grow faster. not sure how true that is, but perhaps don’t cut. also i was totally thinking of locks of love as i read this. hooray for someone else mentioning it 🙂 i’ve never donated (my hair refuses to be long enough), but i think it’s a fantastic program

  4. I am so late in this response (stupid jobs). Don’t cut it short! I did that thinking, “now I’ll be forced to do my hair every day, because I can’t wear it up.” FAIL. Now I’m not cutting it til said awesome wedding!

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