Teleworking, Apartment Hunting and Other General Nonsense

This week for MB has been awesome.  He started his new job, got lots of high fives from yours truly and generally rocked at life.

Meanwhile I sat around in bizarre outfits (leggings.  I BOUGHT A PAIR OF LEGGINGS!) working close to 12 hours a day with unwashed hair, my blackberry glued to my thumbs and every trashy rerun of reality TV blaring.

Telelworking is tough.

Nevermind the fact that I was also tasked with finding MB and I a place to live in CA.  Somewhere affordable, close to where he works and that we you know actually liked.  After visiting 1 billion different places and accidentally liking them all, MB settled on these apartments in good old mountain view, CA.

OK, I realize in looking at this picture that it sort of resembles an outhouse maybe or some sort of remote cabin situation, but it’s really cute we promise.  We scored a two bedroom ranch style townhouse {townhouseiness in that we have a private entrance} with a huge patio.   We had to compromise the washer and dryer in house so that we could plop MB as close to work as possible.  It’s really nice.  Except that my friend from the joint called last night to let me know that 4 days after MB moves in he has to stay in a hotel because they are tenting for termites.  Really?  Sigh.

Other nonsense resulted in runs that were too cold for my east coast attire of booty shorts and a sports bra, eating baja fresh 6 times in a row and buying and eating a whole pack of “reduced fat” oreos.

On the whole teleworking and playing minion for my husband as he started on his new gig was pretty OK, just not something that I would do full time.  Now that I’m firmly back on the east coast with my things moved into the new place here, I’d give my left arm to be lounging around in leggings, eating oreos and waiting for my love to come home.

Have you ever teleworked?  How’d that work out for you?


2 thoughts on “Teleworking, Apartment Hunting and Other General Nonsense

  1. Oh I telework probably once a month. I generally save up a bunch of stuff that is much easier to wipe out when I’m at home, away from the coworkers who stop by to chat, the phone and the email with built in alerts. Then I stay at home for a day and knock out my to do list en masse. Now my boss loves it when I telework because inevitably by 10 am she has about 6 documents from me in her inbox.

    Here are some basic lessons:
    1. You save the commute time! I like getting to choose between sleeping extra or waking up at the same time but getting started, and thus finishing work, earlier.
    2. Working in sweatpants is at least as awesome as it sounds.
    3. I cannot telework on my couch. The temptations of napping and worthless tv are toooo much. Desk or kitchen table, when I had one, were my most productive places.
    4. I send my boss a list of what I plan to work on when teleworking (usually to justify why I would like to). Added bonus, its extra motivation to be a good worker and get those things done and not succumb to temptation of crappy 80s movies.
    Overall, teleworking can be awesome.

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