Brain Dump

Well, I was going to write about my new apt on the east coast and even show you some pictures, but I all sorts of can’t do that because my high speed internet isn’t here yet and if it doesn’t get here in 2 hours Verizon is going to be paying for my children {all 9 of them} to go to college.  At Princeton.  Even the dumb one.

So, because I can’t show you any pictures and because I’m salty and I’ve accidentally eaten all my points today here is a dump of my very scattered, very hectic excuse for a brain.  I do apologize because I really hate when bloggers do this.

  1. Customer Service WTF happened it to it?  From Verizon to American Airlines to Bank of America I {we I guess} have been crapped on with the absolute worst customer service I’ve had in my 27 years.  Don’t people know I will blog about you and I will put you on blast on twitter and I will say ridiculous things like I’m going to burn your office to the ground?
  2. Friends Going next to the exact opposite of the freak out spectrum our amazing friends get a big fat HOLLER from this chick and her husband.  From moving me, to taking me on tons of slutty dates {where you need picked up AND paid for} to generally being all sorts of nice and awesome as we go through this quasi horrid transition our friends are  a grade a bunch, whom I love, desperately.
  3. Ink The third thing I’m going to do after my high speed internet comes to live here is download this season of LA Ink.  While in CA with MB I {fittingly} fell in love with Kat von D and her show on TLC. Which leads me to want 90 more tattoos.  Do you have any ink?  What do you think of tattoos and would you ever get one?
  4. New Family My brother got married on the 4th of July.  Did you hear about that?  Yeah they did.  It was awesome sauce.  So now that FSIL is now SIL she’s changed her name.  Which is pretty legit.  She also could have NOT which I think would have been equally as legit {given that it IS after all 2010 and you know woman power and all that other bologna} but I’m glad that her decision wasn’t followed by a 89 minute diatribe about she is woman hear her roar and stuff.  Moral of the story:  I’m NOT impressed with your name change/un name change.  Do you feel strongly about it either way?
  5. Oh Baby MB wants a baby more than I want my high speed internet to show up before 4 pm EST.  I’m totally not ready.  Not because I don’t think we could do it or because it’s going to hurt and everything, there are just a short list of things I want to do and places I want to see before I get knocked up.  Do you this is selfish/realistic?
  6. EVEN I only do things in even numbers.  My alarm goes of at 646, I try to eat an even amount of meals and snacks all day and if I run, I only run for 58 minutes.  Random.  So I have to stop at 6.

8 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. You’re making me tired.
    1 – Not just customer service, but Verizon just plain sucks (trust me, it goes BEYOND consumer service).
    2 – Friends are always awesome.
    3 – INK – the only tattoo that I want on my body is eyebrows. It’s true when you get older, they disappear, get over-plucked, and then grow back in almost invisible.
    4 – Whatever. Change it, don’t change it, hyphenate it. Whatever.
    5 – Babies – WAIT WAIT WAIT. Wait until you have done what YOU want to do. Wait until you are ‘settled’ in jobs that give you enough time off and insurance in case you need it. (Matt B. being our prime example – I was 30 when I had him). OH, and that pain thing – it’s a lie. I was in pain for a bit, but no worse than cramps. (Read the book “Skinny Bitch”). Of course, I popped out a little 4lb’er.
    6 – My lucky number is ’39’ – last four of the phone number 3839, last in the zip code 19539, hubby’s badge number 139, County number in PA where I work – 39. School bus I used to follow to work, 39 – and so on. OH – and my age is forever – 39.

    Keep up the blog. …..

  2. I do not think it is REMOTELY selfish to wait until you are 100% ready. To be honest, I think it is MORE selfish to have a child just because someone else wants one – selfish in the sense that you are not ready to give it all to a child, and your child deserves everything! Husband and I go through the same debate — of course, we will not be having a child long-distance, but I know he will be ready when we move in together. I have no interest; I’d rather actually, you know, live under the same roof as him for a while and figure out what a normal marriage is like first! And I say since I’m the one that has to waddle around for 9 months and push out a basketball, I get the final say in when we have kids. 🙂

    P.S. Can’t wait for Wednesday!

  3. Proper Customer Service, priceless. Baby… I’ve heard that there is no absolutely right time because life is always happening. I’m more of the mind that being settled (ie: done with school, in a job, financially stable) would be preferable, and that I (the hubby and I) have a tiny bit of control over deciding the right time. And that it’s not selfish, but responsible to consider the enormous responsibility of parenthood from all angles. Tattoo… can’t decide if I want something permanent, which has equated to no ink. So far I haven’t regretted NOT getting the tramp stamp that was so popular in high school/college. The name game… I actually don’t want to change mine – and not because I am woman, hear me roar or anything. It’s just who I am – a part of my identity. Changing or not changing it doesn’t alter how we feel about one another. I think it’s personal choice all around. I’ve actually gotten a lot of flack about it, though, mostly from my brother who said he wouldn’t marry someone who wouldn’t take his name. I got married last August and my employer changed all my personalized effects (name card placard, office mailbox, email address, username logins) before I returned to work – without confirming the change with me. However, it’s not like I mind being known as Mrs. B socially.

  4. Yes, I say wait if you’re not 100%. The trying part alone can be complicated and stressful. Just saw Eat Pray Love (meh), and there was a pretty good quote. Julia Roberts asks her friend how she knew she was ready for a baby, and the friend says something like: “It’s kind of like deciding to get a tattoo on your face. You’d better be pretty sure.”

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  6. 1. Customer Service. While I agree that it’s aggravating to have some pierced up punk texting while he’s supposed to be ringing me out at the grocery store, I mostly blame corporate America. It’s pretty hard for me to do the “Rite” thing while my company is asking me to do more and more work with less and less help (not to mention no meal breaks during a 12-hour shift).
    2. Friends. See you SOON 🙂
    3. Ink. Mr. Best Man will not let me get a tattoo. Let’s badger him this weekend, yes?
    4. My single biggest pet peeve is when a woman comes to pick up her prescription and INSISTS her name is Jones when really it’s under Smith-Jones. Calamity ensues as we cannot find her pills. I don’t care what a woman does to her name, just make a decision and STICK WITH IT!
    5. Babies. NOT selfish, but super smart. I thought our newlywed marriage advice would consist of, “Never go to bed angry.” Instead it was, “aim to always have separate bathrooms” and “Travel BEFORE you have kids!”
    6. Numbers. 6 is an even number, and my comment is that I’m super glad you are blogging again!

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