Chat ou, non?

Ok, here’s the thing.  I barely like our dog. 

Lucky for me {but unlucky for J + P} the Kangster is living in Jtown until we can drive him to the West Coast.  Bad for J+P because Kanga and their dog Archie are having a poop and pee face off.  It is exactly what it sounds like.  So I’m just going to leave it there.

Recently, the Pioneer Woman got a new cat.

And it reminded me of how much MB missed his {devil} cats from childhood and the occasional joy of Kanga’s company at home.  And then I had the worst idea ever.  Should MB get a cat in CA?

Now before those of you that are really intelligent, methodical thinkers jump off the deep end, here’s how I see it: 

  1. A cat can’t be THAT expensive, right?  I mean adopt it, give it some food, take it to the vet, etc etc etc.  MUCH less than a dog.  Right?
  2. MB is super lonely.  The cat would give him some company when he’s home from work and especially on the weekends.
  3. I sort of really like the Pioneer Woman’s cat and now I really want one.

OK give it to me straight {everyone except you, Mom, I already know what you’ll say thankyouverymuch}:  is this a good idea or should I shelve it, buy him a chia pet and call it a day?  {or year, however you want to slice it}


9 thoughts on “Chat ou, non?

  1. Actually – that’s the BEST idea. AND you should get two right away. That way, they will entertain each other. If you get just one, it will be lonely when you are away and get into mischief. Not that two won’t get into trouble also, but less curiosity when there are two.

  2. I can’t speak for the cost of dogs, but cats can be quite pricey up front. My parents just adopted an outdoor kitten, and the vet bills within the first 3 weeks were over $800 — testing for feline leukemia/AIDS, neutering, declawing front claws, medicine for ear mites and fleas, etc. If you go through a shelter, they usually come with all their vaccinations and neutered/spayed, which significantly decreases the costs… but of course you never know what kind of expenses you face down the road (my parents previous cat had a thyroid problem and wound up needing medication twice a day for the rest of her life).

    That said, get a cat. 🙂 I think they make much better pets than dogs if you work a busy schedule like I suspect MB must — no requirements to be home at a certain time to take them out, but just as friendly and furry.

  3. I agree with Laurie. Two cats are the way to go. I have two, and they bring me constant joy and entertainment. I couldnt love them more. They are low maintenance and very inexpensive as compared to dogs. If you get them declawed, it can be pricey, but it’s a one-time expense. Mine are not, but it’s a personal choice. The vet bill is about $75 a year. Both of my cats were adopted from very bad situations, and they were free. I think it cost about $80 total for shots and neutering/spaying (which is a must and also a
    one time fee, natch).

    They are so easy to care for, and you can leave them overnight. We have reliable neighbors who will cat sit; it’s such a simple job!

    Do it! Get a cat (or two)!

  4. I have a cat. I am a dog person. I (barely) like my cat. That being said, she is an outdoor cat since we live in the country and I don’t really spend any money on her. (just food) When she was an indoor cat there was also the litter box expense and vet checks. I like having her around for the following reasons.

    1) She has completely eradicated the large spider and mouse population that our house had when we moved in. (mucho love for that one!)

    2) She can be highly entertaining when she isn’t being annoying.

    3) She is a cuddle bug on cool winter nights.

    4) She is teaching the kids how to correctly behave around animals.

    5) She comes when I call. 🙂

    6). She is a very easy pet that we can easily leave home on all of our weekends away.

    Reasons for the (barely).

    1) She can be a cuddle bug on warm nights.

    2) If I forget to let her out at night she will wake me at 4 insisting that it is NECESSARY for her to leave the house immediately.

    3) She sometimes sucks on my shirts. (While I am in them). ew.

    4) One time, she got mad at me for leaving for a couple weeks (I had a cat sitter check in on her every few days) and she PEED on my awesome red couch. It was never the same and even though everyone else insisted they couldn’t smell it, I had to get rid of it. Bad Kitty.

    5) She doesn’t like any other cats or dogs and can be a bit of a meanie about it.

    6) She is bossy.

    There you have it, for what it’s worth. 🙂

  5. My dad has had about 90 billion cats. Except for the first one, every single one has had a costly health thing. One had (i kid you not) something called cat scratch disease aka cat scratch fever that cost him a boat load when it spread to his lymph nodes. The list goes on in terms of unexpected costs.

    That said, if a cat is right for you two, then do it. Just means I can’t visit Casa de el B en Cali unless I’d like a touch of death.

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