Salty First Anniversary!

When you get married, after the cake and the flowers and the dress and the tux and the shoes and the hair and the centerpieces and the photo slideshows and the cards and favors and the dj and the memories have all been eaten dried preserved returned reworn washed packed shared read enjoyed thanked and cherished you immediately {well if you’re me, it’s immediate} start thinking of all the cool and awesome things that will happen when you’re actually married. Like you first big accomplishment as husband and wife {we BOTH got new jobs this year!}, your first big fight {let’s get that out of the way early}, and especially your first anniversary.

Now, let me get one thing straight. I had no illusions that my first anniversary would be like ribbons and flowers and diamonds everywhere. I thought at MOST it would be a night in the holiday inn where we spent our first H+W night, a nice brunch at our favo crepe place and a drive back to Jtown. At LEAST it would be a hug and a kiss and a card.

And then. We moved to California.

Well, half of we did anyway.

Sunday is our first wedding anniversary. I seriously can HARDLY believe it. How is it that a year ago I was sitting in the Pittsburgh Panera scheming about how I would harass Heinz Chapel and get a first look at our ceremony site? Especially when it’s 3 hours earlier in the day on another coast and my husband and I have no {read absolutely zero} idea when we’ll see each other again?

I decided today that the answers to these questions could go either way: super salty and mean or resigned and hopeful. I’m happy to report I’m going with resigned and hopeful.

It’s been an amazing year. Amazing being an understatement. {Barf alert} Every day I’m more in love with this person whom 362 days ago I was convinced I loved completely at that moment. Yes there is a lot to be salty about right now, but the least of it is the fact that we are not together. Despite having so many miles {2,847 to be exact} we are hardly apart. I feel just as connected to MB today as I did all those months ago and I know that regardless of what we’re doing at 6:30 PM EST on 8/22 I will feel 100% connected with my husband – just as it should be.

What did you do for your first wedding anniversary? Did you expect to spend it without your husband or wife?


3 thoughts on “Salty First Anniversary!

  1. Our first anniversary was in the midst of my second chem course, my husbands precalc midterm, my mother’s visit, and a scheduled beach weekend with the in-laws. I never thought we would spend it willingly apart. I also didn’t think spending it the in-laws was preferable. I also thought that we would plan some grand romantic celebration. But time crept up on us and we narrowly missed celebrating at all. What we did do was just take time to ourselves that day (we rescheduled the beach trip, I studied chem, he worked on the math) and spent the evening together. (It’s strange how we can be in the same house, but occupied with different things and then come “together” for dinner). G pulled out all the last-minute culinary stops and made a delish meal. Then we watched a movie. Nothing extravagant, really.

    Your attitude is the best! Celebrate your love here, there, now, later, together, apart. I think marriage should be celebrated all the time without excuse. PS: Happy Anniversary 🙂

  2. Hurrah! Happy Anniversary!!

    I dreamed that we’d take some sweeping, exotic vacation for our first anniversary, but because of our crazy (read: depressing) summer, we did our little weekend trip on the hottest weekend of the summer (it literally felt like we were on the surface of the sun every time we walked outside). And even though it wasn’t what I imagined it to be, it was still great. Moral of story: we spend so much time on planning our epic weddings that it’s hard to imagine a lackluster anniversary, but as long as you have love, you have everything you need!

    Will be thinking of you and sending you lots of happy thoughts!! xoxo.

  3. “half of we” is the saddest thing i’ve read all day. i’m glad you aren’t letting being apart bog you down. happy early anniversary 🙂 however you wind up celebrating (skype date?) i hope it’s a fabulous day/weekend

    ps – cute new layout 🙂

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