Happy Labor Day! {Almost}

As Labor Day fast approaches, I thought it would be appropriate to take a minute to thank 2 very important people, with whom I labor every day, like even weekends.  Ms. R and PLL.  My colleague and my boss.

This is where I’d normally insert a picture but I don’t have one of them together.


My life has been a roller coaster since starting my new, fun awesome job 28 weeks ago {I got off in counting.  This NEVER happens.  A testament to how crazy life is}.  Make no mistake:  everyday day on team PLL is not rainbows and unicorns and kitty cats.  Some days are loud voices and tears {ahem} and skulking.  But it never lasts.  And it’s never personal. And we always ALWAYS are doing our best for some of the nation’s greatest.

More than the awesome work environment are the great friendships I gained.  I never EVER thought I’d be able to tolerate my coworkers as friends, ever again.  And here I am happy to say that is simply not the case.  R and P have gone out of their way for 4 weeks now to make sure I’m sane {relative term}, happy and fed as MB high tailed it to another coast.  I really had no idea that either of them cared for me that much and the kindness I’ve been showered with has been overwhelming.

R&P – thank you so much for being so downright awesome.  Our camaraderie and your friendship, especially with your major victories this week team B2, are inspiring and comforting.  People always ask me if I made the right choice and because I work with the two of you I can always confidently say not just yes, but hell yes.

Do YOU have anyone you like working with in light of labor day?


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